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Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

Last week, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, wasn’t going to allow NBC News’ Chuck Todd cast aspersions against Fox News when he feels, and rightfully so, that the media industry, in general, has lost a great deal of credibility. Most of it is on the liberal side, but Fox News isn’t safe from botching stories. Last summer, host Peter Doocy opted to become a temporary Department of Justice spokesperson by defending the arguably extrajudicial FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Yet, the liberal media has been slapped incessantly for being wrong on Russian collusion, the Wuhan lab leak, the COVID vaccine—the list is endless. 


Worse, everyone knew these stories were botched; they saw it coming from 2,000 miles away. Most would avoid striking the iceberg, veering away from it to prevent endless retractions and bad press. The liberal media, cloaked with their appalling self-righteousness, feels they can crash into it, however, with no damage because—that’s how liberals are; they can never be wrong. 

Sununu, being the moderate that he is, lumped everyone in the same basket, which Todd took umbrage with, noting that Fox intentionally lied to its viewers, something that CNN and MSNBC do daily, especially during the Russian collusion circus. Sununu didn’t back down (via The Blaze):

"Oh, well, I don't think it's just Fox. I mean, I'll put them in there, but all of media, all of television media, and everyone has to own a little bit of the lack of trust, the lack of accountability," he responded. 

"It's okay to get something wrong in the news, but you've got to come back and own it," the governor added. "And whether it's Fox, or CNN, or MSBNC, or, you know, whatever, everyone just has to own it." 

Todd, however, defended his question. He accused Fox News of "intentionally lying to viewers," saying the network's actions "seemed to cross a line" and that it "wasn't a mistake." 

But Sununu wasn't buying it. He responded by pointing out other stories with which the mainstream media approached dishonestly. 

"Look, I'm not defending anybody because I think you're all in the same basket, I really do," he told Todd. 

“But I could go to CNN when they're going to ignore the Hunter Biden laptop story. We could talk about the virus truly coming out of the lab in Wuhan, we could talk about a lot of different things," he continued. "If you're not owning that you misrepresented the story, whether it was intentional or not, everybody does it, and that's the problem. America is losing faith in media, and you guys have a huge opportunity to regain that."


He’s not as vicious as his father, former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu, who also served as governor of New Hampshire. He brutally torched CNN for their fixation on the Russian collusion story, embarrassing the network’s hosts to the point where he was sent to ‘Mandyville,’ never to be heard of again for the most part.


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