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CNN’s Jake Tapper sat down with comedian Bill Maher for an interview about the 2024 election and the overall political climate, which Maher has found himself on an island despite his left-leaning views. Maher is pro-free speech and unapologetic about his views on radical Islamic extremism. He also has conservative friends, like Ann Coulter, which earns him no brownie points among the Left. The focus was obviously on the lurch the Democrats have taken regarding embracing illiberal views. Maher expounded on the ‘woke’ agenda, which he nailed despite liberal media attacks on the GOP, which have primarily centered on how the Right can’t define what that is—Maher did quickly, and Republicans have touched on similar points:


“Well, again, I think it's this collection of ideas that are not building on liberalism but very often undoing it. I mean, five years ago, I don't -- Abraham Lincoln was not a controversial figure among liberals. We liked him. Now they take his name off schools and tear down his statues. Really? Lincoln isn't good enough for you? Five, 10 years ago -- bedrock liberalism was, we are striving to be a color-blind society, where we don't see race. Of course, we see it, but it doesn't matter. That's not what woke is. Woke is something very different. It's -- it's identity pol-- it's we see it all the time. It's always the most important thing. I don't think that's liberalism. I mean, I could mention so many issues like that. I remember doing -- that show on HBO, Comic Relief for the homeless. And the idea then -- again, among liberals, I thought was, "For the sake of compassion, can we get these people off the street, so they have a roof over their heads?" And now it's, like, "How dare you try to move the homeless. This is where they live." It's, like -- again, you change the definitions, and then you say, "I'm more conservative." I believe what I've always believed. You change these things, and then you yell at me for it.”


Yet, while he has delivered brutal shots at the Left for their insanity, which includes the liberal media for their COVID antics, he’s not a conservative. For die-hard Trump supporters, you probably didn’t like how he described the former president as having all the attributes of a terrible human being. He added that while he’s unsure if Joe Biden will be the nominee in 2024, he’s confident the president could beat Trump again in a rematch. 

He also gave Biden much credit for handling the Ukraine war, getting out of Afghanistan, and getting passed through this divided Congress; however, he never clarified what pieces of legislation. He also said that Biden’s age isn’t an issue, noting that going to one’s elders has been a go-to throughout history. Biden’s always been a gaffe machine; to Maher, he hasn’t “lost his marbles."

Well, first of all, I think that's a big red herring that his age is such a factor. You don't need to be young or spry to be president. Yes, it's very helpful to run for president. You need to be energetic and look sharp at the debate. He could do the job of president perfectly fine, and I think he's done the job perfectly fine. Do I love everything he has done? Absolutely not. But he's president. That goes with the territory. But generally, he's restored normality. He's got some things passed that nobody thought he could get through this divided Congress. Got out of Afghanistan. Did he stick the landing on that one? No, but at least he did it. I mean, Ukraine? I think he's done fine. And every other country in the world seems to have gotten this idea about the elderly: "They're wise." That's what you need. I don't mind at all that he's 82 or 84 or 86. Yes, if he loses his marbles, but there are plenty of 86-year-old people who have not lost their marbles. And people used to get that. "We have an important decision to make. Go to the elders. They will tell you what the wise decision is, and then you young people will go and carry it out." He doesn't have to go and do every little thing. I mean, Reagan didn't do anything! He went to bed at 4:30! So that does not bother me at all. No, it's going to bother people in the country, because when you run for president, you get exposed, your flaws. And yes, he's -- when you're in your 80s, he's going to stumble. He was always a gaffe machine to begin with… So, it could look bad. But I think as, if it's Trump against Biden, I think Biden will win.


And while he’s no fan of MAGA, which isn’t shocking, Maher’s equal criticism of the ‘woke’ Left and cancel culture is why he’s being labeled a “conservative” by progressives. He’s a classical liberal, a breed that must be destroyed if you’re a far left-winger because, at their core, these folks invite and enjoy speaking with people of differing opinions. You can’t tolerate that if you wear Marxist stripes.


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