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The Battle of Hogwarts


Are we still discussing J. K. Rowling having science-based opinions about biology? We are—and it couldn't be more insufferable. The author of the beloved "Harry Potter" series is under siege by the left for peddling controversial opinions, like biological males cannot be female. They can't have babies or menstruate, among other things; how is this still a discussion? Yet, as we all know, some people love misery, and if there's one issue that gets the woke legions animated—it's fighting for the rights of biological males who think they're female.

The irony of Rowling's fall from grace is that she used to be beloved by the left. Not long ago, staffers at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who weren't keen on Mick Mulvaney running the agency called themselves "Dumbledore's Army" while communicating on encrypted devices. "Harry Potter" was the go-to reference for the resistance army during the Trump years until Rowling decided to support women's rights. 

We only get bits and pieces of information from across the pond, but Rowling, an unabashed leftist, is now considered a Nazi. It's part of the intra-progressive civil war that shows how quickly this community of whiners turns on their own. People care about this issue, but it hardly predominates everyday life; there aren't many trans people around. I'll concede that respect for everyone is what we should all strive for, but feelings that range from reticent to aghast when a person with male genitalia ventures into the women's locker room shouldn't be viewed as "transphobic." It's not something you see daily, and there are legitimate concerns about child predators, those feigning trans status to gain access to these facilities. 

Rowling has been involved in causes and organizations that would make conservatives balk, but one issue can lead to you being hurled into the pit. Because her views cause harm, part of the lefty mindset is that opinions against their own are akin to violence. At its core, it provides the foundation for the left to censor speech, which they have done. 

The Battle of Hogwarts, a crucial part of the finale of Rowling's series about the eponymous wizard, has become a real-life battle for the author, who has taken the attacks in stride. Rowling is already wealthy, famous, and uncancellable. Her works and adaptations of them for the big screen won't stop, and people will continue to see the movies. 

To her credit, Rowling doesn't care about her legacy because it's already cemented. She won't kowtow to the mob, which is something that everyone should take notes on when pressed by these individuals. The left should be resigned to the cold hard truth that they will never win this fight, but please keep crashing into the wall over science fiction.


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