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AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

The Biden White House is fraught with incompetency. It has top officials who don’t work, like Pete Buttigieg, who should have been in East Palestine, Ohio, the site of a heinous train crash that might devolve into an environmental calamity. The transportation secretary is too preoccupied with enjoying his personal time to do his job. Meanwhile, the Biden administration recently approved federal disaster aid through the Federal Emergency Management Agency two weeks after the crash. And only after former President Donald Trump announced he would visit the area.  


The safety of the drinking water is also dubious, as government officials say it’s safe to consume, though that’s not what they initially told residents. As fish and livestock die in the surrounding areas, I’d hesitate to take a sip, especially since the site could take years to clean up. We’ve said this before: the Biden White House doesn’t care about this train derailment because it occurred in a rural Republican community. East Palestine is Trump country—you must wonder how this administration would have responded if this occurred in Delaware, New York, or Maryland.

This administration, infested with elitist snobs, is probably laughing about this disaster. Like these people on Twitter:


 The Biden White House would never say these things out loud, but their supporters aren’t afraid to do so. It's the condescending ethos liberals exhibit, especially against the white working class whom they view as degenerates. You hear it all the time about how the blue states can starve the red states, something ex-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann ranted about on Twitter. It’s the opposite. Red states grow all the food, but please, liberals, please tell us how you’re the brand of American that’s the future: wealthy, white, close-minded, overeducated, and haven’t had to work a day in your life.

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