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Here's What Caused Another Major Blow Up on the Set of CNN This Morning

AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN’s Don Lemon appears to be angling to get fired or reassigned at the very least because he reportedly caused another off-camera meltdown with his co-costs. Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins share the stage with the former primetime host on CNN This Morning, which has not been a marriage made in heaven. The word on the street is that everyone involved in this production is susceptible to developing ulcers. 


In December, Lemon ripped into Collins off-camera for allegedly talking over him. While reports of the blow-up were said to be a bit overblown, the tension between the hosts can be corroborated. This incident killed a pre-White House Christmas party gathering between the three CNN staffers. To add another layer of drama, Lemon has a late-night dinner with his agent, who also represents the rising Collins. 

Now, Lemon is at it again, this time with Harlow, who took umbrage to Lemon’s scathing and arguably sexist tirade against 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who he said is past her prime. Harlow supposedly stormed off set (via NY Post):

Don Lemon’s sexist rant about Nikki Haley on Thursday turned the stomachs of his co-anchors and added to pressure on CNN boss Chris Licht to dump the acid-tongued host, The Post has learned. 

A furious Poppy Harlow walked off the “CNN This Morning” set following a tense exchange with Lemon after he said the GOP presidential candidate was “not in her prime,” according to sources with knowledge of the situation. 

One of the sources said Harlow took a “well-timed” bathroom break and was followed into the restroom by co-host Kaitlan Collins — who recently had her own run-in with Lemon. 

The tense relationship between Lemon, Collins and Harlow has “been smoldering for months,” the source added.    

A CNN insider said the latest high-profile incident may finally lead to Licht squeezing out Lemon from the morning gig.


Lemon also got into it with his co-hosts when he described why there was a pay disparity among female and male soccer teams: no one watches the women as much hence the reduced revenue. On that topic, he was right—but he’s also reportedly been given notes reminding him to allow others to speak. Lemon is obviously not happy in his new role, evidenced by his overly aggressive attitude when someone mentions his primetime gig's demise.  

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