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AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

COVID is over, but the fixation on masking and liberals thinking it's some magic bullet remains a lingering issue. It's a mixture of theater and irony as the left, who exhibits a smug attitude toward being the "pro-science" crowd, flaunts a protocol that has proven to be science fiction. The liberal bubble on COVID is evident today, as I still see people wearing masks outside. Now, the stigma has been reversed finally, as everyone rolls their eyes at people who refuse to assemble in public settings over a virus with a high survival rate. Masking up during the pandemic also became more of a political statement than an actual containment protocol, which was another sign that a lot of nonsense was being peddled, and now the final shoe has dropped. 

The N95 mask, lauded by the left as the COVID killer, was ineffective in curbing the spread. They didn't work for a simple reason: people wore them wrong. That's the nuanced part of the masking debate lost in the liberal media. A mask works if every American has a custom-fitted set throughout the pandemic. Talk about a logistical nightmare and one that was never going to happen; that's 330-plus million custom masks. The store-bought masks were already ineffective, as evidenced by Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails admitting that these were worthless.

It shouldn't be a shock that it's all or nothing when it comes to a mask's efficacy. A slight break in how it's fitted can render the entire device useless—and that's what happened with the N95. Also, for kids, the mask doesn't fit their faces, so for all the school districts who tried to mandate N95s in schools—I hope you got educated. 

The Brownstone Institute went deep into why N95 masking didn't work. I'll let you read the study on its own, but here's some of the data they analyzed on why masking was truly a waste of time: 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been assured that community masking compliance would solve our problems and halt the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Yet real-world application data has consistently shown them to fail as a mitigation measure for personal protection, and instead of correcting course on the haphazard guidance that was doled out, we were told to mask harder with increasingly restrictive, albeit effectively non-mitigating apparatuses. 

But why did they fail, and why do they continue to fail? Below, we delve into the specifics on why, even if assuming hypothetical perfect capture capacity, N95s fail to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2. 


Some have recently commented that masks and N95s are even more effective when particle sizes get smaller than 0.3 microns. This theoretical construct, known as Brownian Motion, only occurs when there is essentially no velocity in the system being studied. 

But with masks and respirators – assuming the person is living, breathing, and not dead – significant momentum from airflow (breathing in and out) suggests the particles are in the laminar flow regime and not at near- zero velocity. Thus, except for a potentially very brief time between breathing in and out, the Brownian flow regime is not possible. 

An overlooked yet critical issue with masks and respirators is the seal – small gap areas render these apparatuses ineffective for the wearer. Seldom, if ever, is anyone wearing these apparatuses correctly, under the necessary terms of wear, so we are met with already non-mitigating apparatuses being worn incorrectly. 

According to these figures for fit versus leakage, 3.2% percent leakage equates to 100% percent inefficacy.  

And now, there's no need. There's a vaccine if you want it, plus a litany of therapeutics to help manage symptoms. It's a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate, which led to the nation destroying itself, ruining the expert science community, and creating a mental health crisis among youth that we may never recover from. What about education? We're in purgatory, with math and reading scores regressing two decades because lazy teachers didn't want to get back to work, despite being pushed to the front line when the vaccines were first distributed. 

People will keep floating the death toll as if it's something earth-shattering. Losing one million lives is no joke, but many things can kill us. Cancer has killed roughly 500,000 Americans every year since time immemorial. Thirty-to-forty thousand still die in car accidents. Last time I checked, cars aren't being banned or their use to be reduced by federal decree. You mourn the dead and remember their impact on your life, but you move on—and we will get past COVID as well. Shutting down the country over a virus with such a high survivability rate did more damage than the virus ever could. And nothing these medical clowns peddled worked, especially masking. 

COVID is over. Live your life, and yes—treat those who still mask up and live in the bunker as weirdos and freaks.


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