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If the Federal Bureau of Investigation weren’t corrupt and infested with left-wing operatives, I would’ve said we needed an X-Files unit. The Chinese spy balloon fiasco was bad enough, as the Biden administration allowed this spy device to breach US airspace and hover for days before downing off the Carolina coast. Now, we have objects being detected over Alaska and Lake Huron. Three unidentified objects were blasted out of the sky in recent days, including around Lake Huron. The recent unknown craft was octagonal-shaped, and from what I can tell—our leaders have no idea what to do about it. 


Also, this thing could somehow avoid being a heat-seeking sidewinder missile. A second strike later downed it, but as Katie wrote yesterday, no debris has been found from these three objects we shot down (via Fox News): 

The U.S. military jet that downed an unknown object in the Michigan sky on Sunday missed on its first attempt over Lake Huron, officials told Fox News. 

The Air Force F-16 jet was using Sidewinder missiles to attack the target. 

"The first Sidewinder heat-seeking missile missed the target," one official said. 

It wasn't clear where the missile that missed ultimately landed. The second missile took down the target. Each of the missiles costs more than $400,000. 


Where do we go from here? We don’t know—and that’s an official Biden administration policy. When it comes to Ukraine, we go full-bore without a second to mull the consequences. With UFOs and balloons, it’s ‘wait and see.’ It's assumed these were surveillance devices, but we can't confirm that yet.  


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