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Why the FBI Is Going After George Santos

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is in a besieged state. Democrats want him gone for obvious reasons: he’s from a swing district, and one fewer Republican increases the chances for the GOP gumming up the works in the House. Moderate Republicans want him gone because they’re spineless and still don’t understand the game. The one person with the program is House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has refused to call on Santos to resign.


He also knows what’s at stake, and if you’re wondering if this is all about politics, yes, it is. Doing what’s right can take a hike right now. It’s about maintaining our grip on the lower chamber—we must keep Santos where he is, barring a criminal indictment. That’s the red line, and the Left knows it, which is why the FBI is investigating Santos over a GoFundMe campaign from 2016 (via NBC News): 

The FBI is speaking with a Navy veteran who recently alleged that Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., essentially stole thousands of dollars from an online fundraising campaign intended to cover lifesaving surgery for his service dog. 

Richard Osthoff told NBC News on Wednesday that he had been on the phone with the FBI and provided all requested records and information, including text messages dating back to his exchanges with Santos in 2016 about raising $3,000 for his dog Sapphire. 

“I’m elated the big guys finally picked it up,” Osthoff said. “I turned over all my text messages and I’m in the process of turning over everything related to the GoFundMe campaign." 

Politico first reported on the scope of the FBI's investigation. An FBI spokesman in New York declined comment, as did a spokesperson for the Eastern District of New York. 

Osthoff's allegations drew national attention after Patch.com first reported on his claims that the funds Santos helped raise on GoFundMe through a charity group linked to the lawmaker were never made available.


All of this over a dead dog?

Given the FBI’s penchant for doing the Democrats’ dirty work, I’m skeptical. The investigation's timing after the media torched this man is suspect. From lying about his heritage—he claimed to be Jewish—to being exposed as a possible drag queen in Brazil, nothing has worked to force Santos from his post. He’s learned: you never cave to the Left or their rules; you play by them. Never apologize; doubling down is the game here, and liberals need something criminal to move the needle. Kurt has a great column about how Santos is not only a “legend” but also not all that worse than the other scum that infests the Capitol building. That building is not a church—it’s a cesspool. Even if the shadier stuff is true, it sounds like Santos is at home.

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