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Screenshot via SFPD Bodycam

At long last, the Paul Pelosi hammer attack footage has been released. Some details were confirmed, and others corrected after multiple news organizations filed a lawsuit for all audio and video evidence to be released concerning the home invasion last fall. After the attack on October 28, the police bodycam and home security footage weren’t released. That lack of transparency, plus the timing of the incident, led to some entertaining and wild conspiracy theories ranging from a staged assault to a gay extramarital rendezvous gone wild. The initial reports noted no evidence of forced entry and that the perpetrator, David DePape, 42, was wearing nothing but underwear and armed with hammers. A judge recently granted the motion for all the evidence to be released.  


The emergency call’s audio has DePape identifying himself and saying he’s a friend, which was reported. Why he allowed Mr. Pelosi to call the police remains shrouded in the bizarre, but the bodycam footage confirms that he opened the door for law enforcement to enter before being hit in the head by DePape. Both men appeared to be struggling to possess the hammer, and it was Pelosi, not DePape, without pants. The home security camera footage also captures DePape shattering a window to gain entry into the residence. 

If this evidence had been released at the start, many whacky theories from this still-unusual home invasion would have been neutralized. Instead, for weeks, the imagination for some roamed, and justifiably so. The authorities left this dangling in the wind without closure. Now, with the release of the footage, former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) wants those who mocked Paul to be held accountable. Why?

First, the Pelosis are a power couple; they can handle their own, Adam. Second, why do you care about how others exercise their constitutional right to free speech? You can be wrong in this country, and even so—the Pelosi conspiracy theories were spawned because this family wanted to keep things buried. 


The footage is out. We’ve all moved on, and there are more pressing issues. But I get it; you have to say these things to keep your CNN contract.  

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