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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

COVID-19 is over. The pandemic has been over for months, with legions of Americans and other normal people going about their business. There are no mask mandates. People are going back to the bars and restaurants, and sports stadiums are open. And, the vaccine mandates, which have cost people their jobs, got punched in the teeth when courts ruled that those terminated from employment over these policies must be rehired. There is no emergency, despite what’s on paper or whatever that fraud Dr. Fauci says—no one cares about COVID. 


We have better information about the virus, along with therapeutics and vaccines. After months of lies from the experts, most don’t care. Joe Biden will end the health emergency around COVID this May, which will surely infuriate the COVID panic pushers who want to keep us in a permanent state of emergency (via NYT):

The Biden administration plans to let the coronavirus public health emergency expire in May, the White House said on Monday, a sign that federal officials believe the pandemic has moved into a new, less dire phase. 

The move carries both symbolic weight and real-world consequences. Millions of Americans have received free Covid tests, treatments and vaccines during the pandemic, and not all of that will continue to be free once the emergency is over. The White House wants to keep the emergency in place for several more months so hospitals, health care providers and health officials can prepare for a host of changes when it ends, officials said. 

An average of more than 500 people in the United States are still dying from Covid-19 each day, about twice the number of deaths per day during a bad flu season. But at the three-year mark, the coronavirus is no longer upending everyday life to the extent it once did, partly because much of the population has at least some protection against the virus from vaccinations and prior infections. 

Still, the White House said on Monday that the nation needed an orderly transition out of the public health emergency. The administration said it also intended to allow a separate declaration of a national emergency to expire on the same day, May 11.


This could have happened last September when Biden admitted the pandemic was over during his CBS News interview. I can’t believe we’re all still here after we wrecked the economy and went to war with one another over a virus with a 99-plus percent survival rate, all while being lied to by the experts with fugazi data sets and contradictory containment protocols. You can see how this medical regime’s credibility collapsed precipitously, along with most of us just ignoring their science fiction-based anecdotes about COVID vaccination now.

It's over, and liberals will have to deal with it.

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