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Why Vox Media's Union Is Infuriated Right Now

Layoffs are happening everywhere in Biden’s America. Microsoft is projected to terminate thousands of jobs, while Amazon has already revealed its kill list. Google is also set to fire some 12,000 workers as everyone braces for Biden’s economic recession to worsen come spring. If tech and e-commerce giants are trimming their workforces, you don’t think bloated liberal media operations won’t do the same. Vox Media announced that almost ten percent of its workforce is on the chopping block, which has infuriated their union. I wish I could say I feel bad, but the woke are annoying, and they deserve poverty for their atrocious views and gross anti-Americanism. But let’s also be realistic here—these people will be fine. They’re liberals in the liberal media; one of their comrades will offer a lifeline (via CNN Business): 


Vox Media, the publisher of news websites such as Vox and The Verge, in addition to New York magazine, will lay off 7% of its workforce, chief executive Jim Bankoff said in a Friday morning memo to staff.

Bankoff said the layoffs, which will result in about 130 people losing their roles, impacted multiple teams, including editorial. Those who had their jobs eliminated were notified through email, followed by a later meeting with a human resources officer who would discuss severance packages with them. 

Bankoff told staffers the cuts were “due to the challenging economic environment impacting our business and industry.” 

“We are experiencing and expect more of the same economic and financial pressures that others in the media and tech industries have encountered,” Bankoff said in his memo. 

The union representing Vox Media employees said it was “furious” over the announcement. 

“We’re furious at the way the company has approached these layoffs, and are currently discussing how to best serve those who just lost their jobs,” the union said in a tweet. 

The media and technology sectors have been battered in recent months as advertisers tighten spending amid broader economic uncertainty. That has led to widespread job cuts. 

Google’s parent company Alphabet on Friday joined Big Tech giants Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft in announcing layoffs. Alphabet said it had made the decision to eliminate 6% of its workforce, which translates to approximately 12,000 jobs.

Across the news industry, layoffs have been rampant. CNN, NBC News, MSNBC, Gannett and others have cut their workforces. The Washington Post is also expected to announce a staff reduction soon. And companies that haven’t laid off staffers have taken strong measures to reduce spending. 


These people all supported the man causing everyone to be fired: Joe Biden. So, I don’t want to hear any sob stories. Everyone knew this man couldn’t run a country. For all his faults, Trump grew the economy, and it was coming back until Biden came out ahead in the 2020 election. Now, it’s nothing but high inflation, job losses, and overall economic torpor. And yet, Republicans couldn’t paint that picture in voters' minds in 2022, so it’s not like they’re doing much better fighting this agenda either.

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