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AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

The CNN article about Biden’s last days in the Obama administration is something that the outlet would publish to ‘explain’ why the former vice president was grossly negligent in handling classified materials, which have been found in multiple locations. It’s a treasure hunt to recover potential state secrets that Biden declared was something he took special care of as a public official. 


Like his presidency, he failed at that task, which isn’t shocking. The man is incapable of resolving any crisis, so why should we expect him to be a crackerjack at knowing which files to take home with him or not? Unlike Trump, Biden does not have the power to declassify classified materials, and it doesn’t matter if his lawyers immediately cooperated with the National Archives. Troves of sensitive materials were recently found in his garage, which anyone could have accessed. It’s why the Department of Justice now has a special counsel reviewing grandpa’s blatant lack of judgment in this area. 

After the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid last summer, the Left thought they had the moral high ground, and now they’ve been kneecapped. It’s still astounding that even after he’s left office, Trump is still clinching epic wins against the Left. He’s not perfect, but he’s a divisional leader. CNN’s excuse for Biden and his crew improperly handling classified materials is simple: everyone was stressed over Trump’s upset win in 2016:

At a minimum, the placement of the secret documents alongside “personal and political papers” reveals a records retention process gone awry. It was a manilla folder marked “VP personal” that contained one of the classified documents that was first discovered last November by the Biden attorney, setting off the chain of events, according to one person familiar with the find. 

Among the items from Biden’s time as vice president are 10 classified documents including US intelligence memorandums and briefing materials that covered topics including Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom, according to that person. 

There was also a memo from Biden to President Barack Obama, as well as two briefing memos preparing Biden for phone calls – one with the British prime minister, the other with Donald Tusk, the former prime minister of Poland who served as president of the European Council from 2014-2019. It’s unclear how much of this material remains sensitive. 

Former aides and others familiar with the process of Biden’s transition out of government service describe a serious effort to follow the law made difficult by an unusually active final stretch.

“That made the process very disjointed – not because people weren’t capable, but because it wasn’t some straight line out of the White House,” a source with direct knowledge of the process said. “The day-to-day almost accelerated in those final days. Throughout, people were trying to ensure he still had what he needed, while also trying to pack in moments he wasn’t there.” 


Those closing days of Biden’s vice presidency were a flurry of packing mementos, photographs and personal papers, people familiar with the matter say. Though most of Biden’s files and documents were turned over to the National Archives in a process that began several weeks before he left office, last minute work continued up until the hours he departed the White House for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The looming arrival of Trump to the White House left many of Obama and Biden’s aides wary of the future and eager to cement many of their accomplishments. It was an uneasy moment, according to many who lived through it. 

“It was just a really really weird time for everyone,” the source familiar said.


They were emotionally distressed and couldn’t document materials properly—is that what they’re going with here? Also, of course, the liberal media blames Trump for Biden getting caught taking things he doesn’t have the right to possess.

It doesn’t matter about the number of files compared to Trump—it’s still classified. With Trump, it was a protocol question. His supposed sensitive materials were secure at his home, protected by the Secret Service, and staffed with persons holding the proper security clearances. Biden had an open garage. This story might go away, but it shouldn’t.

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