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What's Odd About Mike Pence's 2024 FEC Filing

AP Photo/John Minchillo

It’s no secret that former Vice President Mike Pence might be mulling a 2024 presidential run. Sarah wrote about the details during Thanksgiving. For Trump, the more people who run, the better, as a splintered GOP vote means he could cruise his way to clinching the GOP nomination again. Yet, there was some chatter that Pence was ready for 2024 based on an FEC filing. The 2024 Republican field was about to expand by one, except it’s not. The Mike Pence filing was done in error as either a prank or someone just trying to create chaos. Who knows, but the former vice president’s team denies they made any filings regarding this determination (via WaPo):


A spokesman for former vice president Mike Pence’s campaign denied reports on Monday that the Republican had filed to run for president in 2024, responding to an apparent hoax after screenshots of a Federal Election Commission posting began to circulate. 

“Former Vice President Mike Pence did not file to run for President today,” Devin O’Malley wrote on Twitter. When reached for comment Monday, O’Malley confirmed his tweet and added: “You’ll have to reach out to the FEC for answers about the filing.” 

When asked to comment Monday night, an FEC spokesperson wrote: “We cannot comment on specific filings.”

The report came as Republicans have made efforts toward running in the primary election against former president Donald Trump. Pence, who served as Trump’s vice president between 2017 and 2021, had planned to use the holidays in Indianapolis to consider a presidential campaign, an aide told The Washington Post last week.

So, the main issue with Pence 2024 is that it doesn’t exist yet. Also, would you be shocked if he gets wiped out in short order? Pence isn’t a terrible candidate or person, but his time has passed. The Indiana Republican would have probably fared better in 2012 toward the height of the Tea Party moment, but he didn’t have the clout. Pence is a solid conservative, but the base wants a fighter, and Pence is decidedly not of that mold.


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