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Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP)

The feud is back between Reps. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA); this time, it’s about the looming fight for the House speakership. Neither of them is running, but Greene took a swipe at Boebert for supposedly being a bit recalcitrant regarding support for Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) candidacy. Most of the House Republicans who could have challenged McCarthy successfully—Steve Scalise or Jim Banks—opted out, which paved a clear path for the California Republican to take the gavel, though shenanigans could ensue. There are reports of more than a dozen Republicans who aren’t sold on McCarthy. 


Ten years ago, these sorts of scenarios where a Democrat could get the votes to become the next speaker with a Republican majority seemed far-fetched for apparent reasons: that could happen if things don’t improve. Then again, I’m also hoping that these anti-McCarthyites whine for a few more days and then vote for the man regardless because how embarrassing would that be to have Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) become the next Speaker of the House? Could it be more humiliating than the GOP losing to a Democrat who can’t speak in complete sentences and will soon be the next senator from Pennsylvania? Maybe.

Greene posted a short Twitter thread about how Boebert needs to get off the pot and end the high school drama between them. Both Greene and McCarthy donated to Boebert’s re-election, which she barely won, partially due to her district being redrawn, making it more competitive but also voters becoming fatigued with her Trump-like antics.


Yet, the fight between these two women has been known for months, with the pair reportedly hating each other. They almost came to blows in one run-in, despite both heckling Biden’s State of the Union address last year. Politico had a piece in April that supposedly detailed the House Freedom Caucus' internal drama. However, in that article, Boebert was described as more of the team player, not Greene, along with the alleged disgust Boebert feels being linked to the Georgia Republican. Both women gained notoriety for their no-holds-barred attacks against Democrats—they’re both bomb throwers. There could be some women-hating-women dynamics here, but the two got at each other like this isn’t a new story. The roles, however, appear to have changed—with Greene wanting to get McCarthy in as speaker and then wrecking the Biden agenda as best as this slim GOP House majority can in the next Congress.


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