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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I thought Anthony Fauci retired. Why am I seeing his face plastered all over the news lamenting how people didn’t take his science fiction on COVID seriously? The pervasive unreliability from Fauci and the CDC has been evident for months as they’ve doled out contradictory, nonsensical containment protocols. Liberals finally caught on during the Omicron surge when the CDC cut the quarantine/isolation periods by a few days in what was an apparent olive branch to the airline companies who were seeing flights canceled due to crew infections over the holidays, which significantly impacted travel. Still, even when exposed, the Left remains committed to masking, social distancing, and every other protocol that has been proven ineffective. 


COVID is endemic. We have therapeutics and vaccines. It’s time to live with it, as we’ve done with cold/flu season. If you want to remain mentally ill and afraid, stay home. We’ve all had enough virtue-signaling and unhinged meltdowns from the mask fascists. But that doesn’t mean Mr. ‘I am the Lord Protector of Science’ Fauci has shut the hell up even when he should. He went on MSNBC, which is friendly territory, to expound on how misinformation damages society and how we’ve become anti-science. MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell tossed the softball question about whether our society is now becoming science-averse (via RCP):

 "The answer is yes," Fauci responded. "The short answer to your question, Andrea. But the other thing is that there is so much misinformation that we were experiencing the normalization of untruths. Where there is so much disinformation that spreads predominately through social media that people just get so used to the untruths that it becomes normalized which is really bad because then you don't push back against it. You say, well, that's just the way it is. That would be a terrible blow to society. And I believe to our democracy if all of a sudden people say, well, what's the use? There's so much untruth out there we might as well not even push back on it. It's hopeless. We've got to not accept the normalization of untruths."


It’s a classic ivory tower mentality, something you’d expect from a lifelong government bureaucrat. You said we shouldn’t worry about COVID, which quickly devolved into ‘the sky is falling’ panic months later. The messaging over the vaccine is one of the most bungled jobs done by the science community since eugenics. If Fauci wonders why everyone hates the experts, he only needs to look into the mirror. 

The American people aren’t anti-science; they’re anti-bulls**t—and they saw how Democrats used COVID to take unconstitutional power grabs for a spin, which included unilaterally changing voting laws to give their party the edge in 2020.   

Go away, Dr. Fauci. You’ve made us sick with your misinformation about this virus, with a 99-plus percent survival rate.



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