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MRCTV/The Root/ Chris Rufo

Twitchy struck oil with this gem from a Rutgers University professor whose name made me do a double take, at least. Her name is Crunk, and she’s not a fan of the white folk. In a YouTube segment with The Root, Professor Crunk said that the end of white people is coming and that “we gotta take these motherfuckas out.” As many noted on social media, imagine if the roles were reversed and a white professor said something along these lines.


The first vestiges of this nonsense were cataloged during the Bush presidency, with David Horowitz’s book The Professors, a quasi-rap sheet for the nation’s worst of the worst concerning liberal academia. It’s matured into a more lethal cancer, which is what happens when conservatives cede ground. The impetus to do so is understandable, given that left-wingers dominate this insular, woke world.


It’s hell on earth, but if there is one thing we should learn in recent election cycles, conservatives should contest everywhere, even if the odds are insurmountable. This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, where some unhinged academic goes off the reservation and spouts racist tropes soaked in genocidal tendencies. Eventually, the Left will overreach, and an equilibrium will return on these issues, though that’s hardly a satisfying ending.

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