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Patrick Pleul/Pool via AP, File

Spencer wrote about Twitter revealing what they did internally to quash the Hunter Biden laptop story. We’ve known it was probably happening behind closed doors for years, but now we have the evidence, thanks to Elon Musk’s purchasing of the social media platform. The ‘Twitter Files’ exposed an extensive censorship operation at the company, where employees deleted tweets that their Democratic Party overlords found problematic. The critics would point out that Donald Trump’s staffers made similar requests to Twitter concerning the removal of tweets they found disreputable, but as with anything within liberal media institutions, it wasn’t balanced.


It’s like the talking points the Left shoveled out about the IRS targeting scandal in 2013, where people pointed out that a few progressive non-profits were denied tax-exempt status to show that this wasn’t a partisan operation. The number of conservative non-profits held in regulatory purgatory by the IRS vastly outnumbered that of their liberal counterparts. And like this internal policy at Twitter, it greatly benefitted liberals more than conservatives.

The dirty tricks of the Left and their allies at these companies are being exposed, so the liberal media will likely bury this story. I’ve already seen multiple blue checkmark accounts from liberal commentators likening this development to something akin to a nothing burger. Glenn Greenwald, an independent progressive reporter, might sound like a conservative since he’s appalled by the Left’s penchant for censorship and the muzzling of free speech. He had a spot-on take on how the establishment press will treat the story while also pointing out for the umpteenth time that hacking was in no way involved regarding how The New York Post was able to obtain the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

“I'll bet anything, these extraordinary documents - showing the extreme pressure and collusion between liberal Twitter execs and Dem Party leaders to censor reporting on Biden - won't be reported by liberal outlets except to mock it and/or use DNC talking points to attack it,” Greenwald tweeted. He then shared a screenshot of these outlets going apoplectic over the social media’s suppression operation being publicly revealed: 


And we all know there are more damning documents about these protocols. Stay tuned.


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