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Even top congressional Democrats realize they will get creamed next week. They can’t pivot on messaging right now—it’s too late. Sure, now they know that the economy, inflation, and crime were some of the major concerns for voters, not abortion, but that ship has long sailed. Joe Biden’s approvals remain in the toilet, inflation is still here—remember when they said it would be transitory—and 2022 didn’t turn into the abortion rights election. 


Democrats gambled and lost, so their go-to move is to scare the hell out of voters, warning them if the GOP wins, we’re going to become Nazi Germany. It’s a comically predictable reaction from a sophomoric party that loves to throw a tantrum when they know defeat is imminent. They had 18 months to govern and couldn’t do that. Voters have voiced their concerns about the economy, only to be dismissed or smeared as racist by liberals. When white suburban women, a Democratic-leaning voting bloc, decided to shift to the GOP by a 26-point margin, that should have been a huge red flag for Democrats that their agenda was failing. 

But let’s hear what Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) had to say about how we’ll become Nazi Germany if the Republicans win (via Fox News):

House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., blamed the right's "demonization of Nancy Pelosi" for the attack on Paul Pelosi in their San Francisco home, saying that this is what happens in a country that follows "Germany in the early '30s."    

"This country is on track to repeat what happened in Germany when it was the greatest democracy going, when it elected a chancellor that then co-opted the media," Clyburn told Fox News Digital on Thursday. "This past president called the press the enemy of the people. That is a bunch of crap. And that is what's going on in this country." 


Though the South Carolina Democrat decried the right's "demonization" of Nancy Pelosi that he sees is to blame for the attack, Clyburn doesn't see Biden's frequent vilification of "ultra-MAGA Republicans" as equivalent. 


Clyburn went on to suggest that the choice between Democrats and Republicans is whether to vote for democracy or autocracy, echoing President Biden's Wednesday night speech. 


Democrats have sounded the alarm over election denialism throughout the midterms, often pointing to Republicans who refused to certify presidential election results in the wake of the January 6th Capitol riot.   

However, Clyburn is among a group of Democrats who voted against awarding Ohio's electoral votes to President Bush in 2005, despite Bush wining the state by over 118,000 votes. The group of Democrats cited "election irregularities" as their reasoning for delaying the certification of the 2004 presidential results.   


So, I guess Jim missed Biden’s two speeches where he said if you don’t support me, you’re an enemy of the state. The Philadelphia address echoed something out of Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will. And then, days before Election Day, when it’s clear that voters are thinking about their bank accounts when voting this year, Biden again delivers a carbon copy of his Philly speech and doesn’t mention inflation once. American voters aren’t that stupid and don’t care what this old, dementia-ridden old man says. They never have, showing that Biden is probably one of the most unqualified presidents we’ve ever had. He can’t fill the office. Everyone knows he’s weak, which is why the world respects the office of the U.S. presidency but not the man. It’s been an open secret that European nations have contingency plans regarding their security amid this Ukraine War since America cannot be viewed as reliable.

Democrats have displayed grade-A incompetence for the past two years. It’s time for them to go away, and in a few days, they will.


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