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AP Photo/Matt York

Leah wrote about this earlier today, but there was a little break-in at Katie Hobbs’ campaign office. Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state and Democratic candidate for governor, accused Republican opponent Kari Lake of causing this unfortunate event. 


In a statement released by Hobbs, she said, “Let's be clear: for nearly two years Kari Lake and her allies have been spreading dangerous misinformation and inciting threats against anyone they see fit. The threats against Arizonans attempting to exercise their constitutional rights and their attacks on elected officials are the direct result of a concerted campaign of lies and intimidation.” 

These are baseless accusations, which Lake slashed down with a katana, countering that Hobbs was weaponizing her office dust-up to gain political points. Not learning their lesson, the media asked Lake for a response, and the Republican gubernatorial candidate went to work, calling the incident “Jussie Smollett part two" (via Washington Examiner):

Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor of Arizona, called reporters "despicable" for asking her to respond to allegations from the Arizona Democratic Party that she was directly responsible for a break-in at Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs’s office earlier this week. 

“That is absolutely absurd. It sounds like a Jussie Smollett part two. You’re going to drag the people through something like this,” Lake said in response to a question from a CNN reporter following an event honoring first responders on Wednesday. 

“You’re letting a woman who has been running a terrible campaign direct you to a story like this? You know she is running a bad campaign," Lake added. 

The Phoenix Police Department said it is investigating a burglary at Hobbs’s campaign headquarters and determined items had been taken from the office Monday evening, although it did not clarify what was taken.


When will the media learn that you cannot trap Lake in these silly questions? The feisty Republican was recently pressed about so-called election denialism, and Lake whipped out the receipts, showing scores of Democrats criticizing the legitimacy of our elections dating back to the 2000 election.  

Hobbs’ response to the alleged Lake-inspired office ransacking is cringe-worthy and reeks of desperation from a campaign saddled with a soporific candidate who is allergic to debates. If Hobbs wants to press Lake, she can show up for a showdown with her. Instead, she ducks and covers because we’ve all seen her interviews with friendly outlets where she struggles to deliver the simplest of Democratic talking points.

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