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The dam hasn’t broken regarding the Latino voters’ support for Democrats, but there are leaks—many leaks regarding this voting bloc that liberals prided on owning for years. Maybe that’s why they’re losing them in droves from across the country. If they’re not voting Republican, they’re staying home, one of the main fears Democratic operatives have about the Senate race in Nevada. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is at risk of losing her seat due to Hispanic voters’ discontent with the state of the economy and high inflation that has hit the state hard under Biden.


 So, how do progressives handle the news that their grip on Latinos is slipping? By suggesting it’s not real and that it’s a media invention. That seems to be the default position when they cannot squirm away from an uncomfortable situation. Crime is not out of control—you’re just racist. The economy is fine—we’re paying 12¢ less at the pump. Inflation is high, but that’s not our fault.

 The incessant prevarication in taking responsibility for anything is also glaring, along with the pervasive incompetence of the Biden White House and congressional Democrats. Build Back Better has only lightened everyone’s wallets, which has led to consumer debt reaching its highest levels in years. Two-thirds of the country live paycheck-to-paycheck, and Hispanic voters are also tuned into the deteriorating conditions of the economy.

 MSNBC’s Joy Reid and former HUD Secretary Julian Castro vented how Latinos remain firmly in Democratic Party hands and that the media’s flurry of stories suggesting otherwise has driven them insane. Kevin Tober of Newsbusters clipped the moment:

Tuesday night’s edition of MSNBC’s The ReidOut went out on the road to Fort Worth, Texas as part of the network’s ongoing midterm election coverage. After interviewing Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke and other Democrat Party activists, Reid turned to former San Antonio mayor Julian Castro to get his take on the ongoing trend of Hispanic voters abandoning the Democrat Party. Although Reid and Castro both dismissed that it was actually happening. Instead, blaming the media for furthering the narrative.

“There is this thing that's happening in the mainstream media that they say, oh, Hispanic voters are going Republican. As if they are now a solid Republican group, because you do have some south Texas counties that are shifting red,” Reid started by whining.

She then read from a number of recent headlines that highlighted the recent shift. “Latino vote shifting toward Republicans. Will it again? NPR, Democrats are losing Latino voters. Dallas Morning News, Republicans pin hope on Latino vote. On and on and on,” Reid cried.


Castro was just as frustrated as Reid and admitted “I have been pulling my hair out for the last couple months as I have seen story after story after story that you mention acting as though the Latino vote is somehow firmly a Republican vote now, which couldn't be further from the truth because when you poll it, Latinos are still firmly Democratic.”


Trump gained with Hispanics in 2020. They shifted by double-digits to the GOP in Florida. Republicans quintupled their support along the border counties of Texas in 2020. Evangelical Christianity among this voter bloc has also led to a shift on social issues to the detriment of Democrats. Being pro-illegal immigration isn’t the political honey that white progressives think it is for this voter base.

The shift is happening, and if the Left wants to ignore it because they’re too stubborn and arrogant—that’s not our problem.

Seethe more, liberals.

For more, read Madeline's piece about the slew of GOP Latina candidates running for office. 

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