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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I thought Joe Biden munching on an ice cream cone at a Portland Baskin Robbins declaring the economy is “strong as hell” was the Delaware liberal’s worst display of detachment from reality emanating from this White House. We’re in an economic recession, inflation is at 40-year highs, and consumer debt has shot through the stratosphere. The pain at the pump regarding gas prices is rearing its ugly head. And abortion, which Democrats thought would save them this cycle, has been relegated to third-tier status. Liberals have a disgusting habit of treating people like idiots, though condescension is the default setting of an American progressive. 


You don’t need to be a political genius to figure out that voters of all stripes prefer not to be homeless and place the proverbial kitchen table issues above protecting abortion rights. The Democrats’ abortion fetish has driven independent women into the GOP camp because Joe Biden is seen as doing nothing to ameliorate the struggling economy. Who cares about Roe if you can’t pay the bills, which is the rational, unsurprising conclusion that most voters are facing now. 

 Without a doubt, the Democratic Party operatives know abortion isn’t working, but with three weeks until Election Day—it’s too late to shift course. So, most are accepting defeat in the coming days, including the media, which tweeted this doozy that explains why the Left is a mess right now. 

 Americans struggle to pay anything from the mortgage to grocery bills—and the media establishment is concerned about white people. It’s an unintentional tweet that exposes the core of liberal America’s degrading stock when it comes to messaging to ordinary voters. First, only inside-the-beltway types and political junkies know who fills what regarding congressional leadership positions, fewer know what state they come from, and even less care when most voters are living paycheck-to-paycheck and pinching pennies to see if they can keep the lights on or fill up the gas tank. That’s not to say people don’t know. Still, for those who work and don’t wallow in the pseudointellectual space the Left is comfortably residing that is comprised of a warped reality where incorrect pronoun use is akin to first-degree murder—they couldn’t care less about the racial composition of the House Republican leadership in the next session of Congress. 


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