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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

President Joe Biden is under the impression that the American economy is booming. The fundamentals couldn’t be more robust—it’s “strong as hell.” The president said this while munching on ice cream at a Portland Baskin Robbins yesterday, which only adds to the senility of this administration. There isn’t a photo opportunity that could make this guy look more out of touch. As Democrats in swing districts breathed sighs of relief that Biden avoided them on the campaign trail, they got a brutal reminder that whatever asinine remarks barrel out of Biden’s mouth are just as damaging to their slim re-election chances as a White House drop-in.


The tone-deafness oozing from the clip cannot be intentional when you watch the clip. For most, there’s no doubt it is deliberate since Biden, despite his public persona, is a cranky, vindicative, angry troll. He’s not a good man—but his dementia makes you wonder whether he knows what he’s saying. I couldn’t care less since I despise the man and everything he stands for, but working families are struggling. The economy is in a recession, inflation is at a 40-year high, consumer debt has reached historic highs, and nearly 60 percent of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Having some old geezer licking up ice cream and saying the economy is in solid shape must be infuriating.  

Then again, this is the White House, which, like Obama, just ignores bad news or attempts to change the definitions of words to ensure no crisis. Two consecutive quarters of economic contraction is a recession. Still, the Biden White House says that’s inaccurate because they said so. that talking point died quickly since everyone and their mother, even liberal media members, couldn’t defend that gross piece of deliberate government propaganda. You can’t ‘Baghdad Bob’ your way out of an economic calamity since everyone feels the pinch.


 People are struggling to pay bills, and Biden is here slopping up his ice cream as if he’s done anything worthy of the office he occupies. It’s becoming clear that Biden has no grasp of what’s going on, has no plan to fix it, and doesn’t have the intellectual capability to turn the economy around. He can’t compartmentalize or do simple triage because he’s too mentally degraded. For most of his public career, Biden has done nothing but be wrong on public policy and turning the judicial nomination process into a political circus event. Don’t expect much from this lazy, stupid, senile old man to help you in these trying times.

 Was this a ‘let them eat cake’ moment? You decide.

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