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A 'Big Name' Is on the Chopping Block at CNN

AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN made internal moves that removed some of its worst reporters from the roster. John Harwood is gone, Don Lemon lost his primetime spot, and the network appears to be working towards returning to the days when it reported the news during the Bernard Shaw days. Yet, I’ll believe it when it happens since the network became one of the cornerstone destinations for anti-Trump coverage. One area that gives me pause about the ‘straight news’ makeover is the conspicuous absence of fact checks manufactured like cars on a Ford Motor assembly line during the Trump presidency. Joe Biden has been a serial liar, especially on economic issues. You know the situation is dire when the liberal media can’t even muster writing PolitiFact-like interference posts that ‘explain’ why Biden and the Democrats lie.


 Yet, another earth-shattering shakeup could be incoming, as Jon Nicosia teased this week. Whether this will happen in days, weeks, or months, for now, these slow burns are still worth tracking as CNN is dismantling the vestiges of its old guard. All we know is that it’s a “big name,” but one that Nicosia won’t reveal until the end of the week.

Should we start a Deadpool here? Jim Acosta seems the logical choice, but we still have 24 hours to take bets/guesses.


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