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There Might Be Something Very Wrong With This Politico Piece About a GOP Candidate

Screenshot via POLITICO

Jennifer-Ruth Green is running to unseat Democratic incumbent Rep. Frank Mrvan in Indiana’s first congressional district. It’s one of the most competitive races during this 2022 cycle, with Ms. Green hauling hefty fundraising totals in a part of the state that a Republican in 92 years hasn’t represented. Ms. Green is black, female, and a conservative—three unique qualities threatening liberal America. So, it’s no wonder the Left is especially vicious against nonwhite conservatives, even writing about past traumatic experiences, like sexual assault, in what appears to be an unseemly attempt to degrade Ms. Green’s military record. 


Politico profiled the Republican congressional candidate and, for the most part, reads like a straightforward article until her military record is discussed. Ms. Green’s past sexual assault incident is threaded with reported performance reprimands during her career in the US Air Force. Ms. Green noted that someone probably illegally obtained these records to smear her military history, portraying her as a disgraced former officer. The publication did include her statement about her past sexual assault episode, but there are lingering questions about how these records were obtained.

The media organization says the information was obtained through a FOIA request, but there are clear rules and regulations regarding standard requests, which is why some are arguing that legal ramifications could be coming. Also, Green demanded that the publication not write about her past sexual assault experience, which was denied since she’s a black conservative. We all know that Green would get the super-deluxe royal treatment if she were a Democrat.

“The reason the Green campaign said Politico obtained her sexual assault records ‘illegally or by egregious error’ is there are incredibly strict rules about what can be released by a ‘standard FOIA,’ and they are not publicly available,” wrote Matt Whitlock. “So, this is actually a big deal.” 


We’ll keep you updated, but this old tweet from Brad Dayspring, the VP of communications for Politico who has defended the piece, should raise eyebrows. He was also formerly with the National Republican Senatorial Committee.


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