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'It's Called Shut the F**k Up': Cop Wasn't Having Any of the Citizen Policing From This Motorist

Connecticut State Police via AP

This game isn’t complicated: if you’re not a police officer, don’t act like ‘NYPD Blue,’ especially when the target is an actual cop. Daily Caller found dashcam footage of a police officer who wasn’t having any of the ‘citizen policing’ from a motorist who was wondering why the officer was tailing a vehicle so closely. At some point, both cars pulled over, and the police officer just laid into the motorist. The state is unknown as the tags are blurred, but it wouldn’t shock me if this were some state in the Northeast. If I had to guess, it looks like this incident occurred in Connecticut. After a preliminary search, this incident happened in the Nutmeg State, but it’s not new footage. This epic lecture occurred two years ago, but it’s still entertaining. 


The officer, Matthew Spina, explained that he was trailing the vehicle more aggressively since he was running their plates for potential traffic violations. The motorist’s random interjection ended with him being targeted, leading to a search of his vehicle as the officer could see his marijuana stash inside the car. The man is heard saying he has a weed card, but the officer orders him out of the vehicle and briefly detains him. 

Officer Spina goes into a righteous profanity-laced tirade, adding that if the ‘Deputy Doofy’ motorist had just minded his own business, the other vehicle driver would be facing possible citations, not him. 

“God, help you if there’s anything illegal in this car,” barked Spina.

“Is it in the original dispensary container?” asked the officer, referring to the motorist’s marijuana.

When the driver said no, Spina replied, “then, you’re f**ked. How’s that sound?”

Spina was disciplined for the incident. The motorist was released without charge.


Sorry, but the officer should have been given a medal. It’s just too satisfying watching punk kids get put in their place.

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