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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The Biden Department of Justice should be bracing for a whipping because the longer this Mar-a-Lago fiasco goes on without a smoking gun. FBI agents ransacked the home on August 8 under suspicion that Donald Trump had classified materials on the grounds, violating the Espionage Act. There was also obstruction of justice allegations. It was a historic moment, a political bombshell that had every liberal in America sighing with relief—this was the ‘we got him’ moment, right? It never came. The president is the ultimate authority figure in declassifying classified materials, and Donald Trump declassified many documents before he departed Washington. That’s why no president, the figure who also is the main decider regarding issues involving state secrets, can never be slapped with such a silly mishandling charge.


Mar-a-Lago is a secure site protected by the Secret Service. Former presidents have staff to handle these records with care. We’ve mentioned how the follow-up stories have mainly been concentrated on the dates involving legal members of Trump’s office and the National Archives. That’s not evidence of a crime. If anything, it shows cooperation, but another angle is that the Biden DOJ might have laid a trap for the former president.  They sent a June 8 letter telling Trump’s legal team to keep all documents at Mar-a-Lago in the storage room basement. They were instructed to keep those records there “indefinitely.” One month later, federal agents raided the house.

Again, you all know this wasn’t about some missing document beef. Was it a dragnet to find any corroborative evidence regarding the Russian collusion investigation or the January 6 riot, the latter of which liberal America erroneously thinks was a Trump-led plot, despite an August 2021 FBI report rebuking that conspiracy theory?

Erick Erickson believes the raid was over the latter—the FBI wanted to find anything to tie Trump to the January 6 riot. It blew up in their faces. They also searched the safe, which they had no probable cause for, as indicated in the partially released affidavit, but it was empty. Were they expecting to find Russian rubles in there?


Around 30 FBI agents raided the home of a former president over disputed documents that the National Archives per regulation and the Presidential Records Act. No one believes that.

Trump wants a special master to review the documents, though the DOJ says they’ve already analyzed them.  Where’s the incriminating evidence that will put Trump in prison? With how leaky that building has become, we would have heard about something damning because, thus far, this has devolved into the most boring anti-Trump fishing expedition.

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