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What the Hell Did Joe Biden Just Say?

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman has struggled to put sentences together on the campaign trail. Yet, he’s recovering from a stroke. Joe Biden is old, full of COVID, and ridden with dementia. The president also suffers from diarrhea of the mouth, which happened last night at a Democratic National Committee rally in Maryland. 


Leah already wrote about how Republicans are now semi-fascists, which she noted is Biden’s “deplorables” moment for 2022. No one cares, Joe. Besides the fact that it’s not true, everyone claps and nods in agreement out of politeness. You’re not respected at home or abroad. You’re the diaper-wearing grandpa who garners the attention of a pity crowd because everyone and their mother knows you cannot do the job. You can’t be president, and you’ll never be great. Your approvals have reached a months-long high, barely breaking 40 percent.

Yet, I want to zero in on a moment that Biden and Fetterman share, which is whatever the hell he’s trying to say here:

Excuse me? 

Does Joe get people’s names wrong in high-level phone calls with nations like Russia and China? I feel he does, or his word salads are so grand that it requires pervasive interjections by his staff in clarifying what he’s saying. 


Biden is not pleased that White House staffers treat him like a quasi-Alzheimer’s patient. In fact, he’s downright angry about it. Well, that’s because, technically, he is one. When you allow Joe to be himself, he crashes into a tree. He called for regime change in Russia after they invaded Ukraine this year—I mean, the man is a mess in front of the cameras. 

He has the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate messed up with this latest trip-up that shows cognitive function may have ceased entirely. Are they going to blame his mental decline on long COVID? 

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