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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

He’s not the guy to lead the country; he has never been. Joe Biden ran for president twice before and lost. The voters are just not that into you, Joe.  The 2020 election was a fluke, given the COVID pandemic in the backdrop, with the rest of the 2020 Democratic field being noteworthy for their lack of depth. Liberal America wanted Trump gone, so they picked a sickly, dementia-ridden Delaware liberal who was way past his prime to lead the nation into a series of domestic and foreign policy disasters. Liberals were willing to choose a man not qualified for the job, and we’re reaping the consequences of that decision many times. We’re in a recession, inflation is eating alive the paychecks of working families, the pain at the pump isn’t going away—and Joe decides to hurl us into another never-ending aid mission in Ukraine. 


And yet, this man thinks he’s the best president to grace the Oval Office since George Washington. The economy is booming, and he finally got a spending bill passed that will do nothing to curb inflation. He also promised to curb COVID, wrestling down that pathogen like cattle—but failed. He eventually got infected, along with Jill, but he’s also bungling another localized health emergency with monkeypox. In the meantime, American families tread water amid an administration oozing with incompetence. As this old man spews nonsense about how he’s presiding over the most outstanding economy ever created, the number of Americans saying they’re suffering has reached record highs (via Axios):

5.6% of Americans said they are "suffering" in July, up from the previous high of 4.8% measured in April.

July's result is also higher than all previous estimates during the COVID-19 era, per Gallup.

The big picture: The percentage of U.S. adults classified as "thriving" has declined steadily since it reached a record high of 59.2% in June 2021.

July's estimate of 51.2% adults classified as "thriving" is an 18-month low, per Gallup.

The percentage of Republicans who are classified as suffering has doubled since June 2021, Gallup found, and among Democrats, it has jumped to 5.4%, almost double the 2.9% from a year ago.

In addition to general life ratings, the percentage of Americans who report experiencing stress is up to 48%, compared with 43% in July 2021.

Gallup began asking the life quality question in 2008, when, during the Great Recession, about 3.8% of Americans were categorized as suffering.


State of play: "Economic conditions are likely a major contributing factor to these worsening scores," Gallup notes.


The latest Gallup survey paints a declining picture of Biden’s America that is not representative of the rosy pieces of propaganda his crew embarrassingly distributes daily about the state of the country. Respondents are asked to rate the current state of their lives from zero to ten, with a rating of four or lower being described as suffering while seven or higher is thriving. The number of Americans who are down about their state of being reached a new high from July’s numbers, with stress and anxiety shooting through the roof. And what’s causing these mental health issues? Well, it’s the state of the economy, of course. According to the poll, the number of Republicans " suffering " has doubled under Biden.

Is it intentional? It wouldn’t be the first time a sitting Democratic president engaged in a policy designed to pinch states that backed the opposing party. Barack Obama’s war on coal could have been described as a regional genocide against rural communities. It was not shocking that his Clean Power Plan, which aimed to cut carbon emissions some 25-30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030—significantly impacted red states at a disproportionate rate. The difference here, and it’s not saying much, is that Obama knew what he was doing. With Joe, his mind is so far gone, which has probably been exacerbated by his past COVID infection via brain fog, that it might not be his fault. However, his incapacity to serve as president is still the byproduct here.  


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