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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The level of hatred, ignorance, and fear that engulfs the Left about the Trump coalition is the new story involving liberal America’s ongoing derangement over the former president. Even before Trump became a national phenomenon, the Left hated us. Liberal America only likes us when we’re dead, but Trump has struck a nerve that has remained aggravated since 2016. It’s a hamstring pull that won’t heal, and it’s not just the liberal media or their institutions anymore. Former government officials have joined the chorus making for an unholy triumvirate of media members, Democratic Party members, and public servants who just hate half the country. 


It’s a broken record, but you’d think that the intensity of the animosity would subside after a couple of years. Instead, we get career journalists, some of whom covered ideological extremists, saying that no single movement is more dangerous, nihilistic, or contemptible than today’s Republican Party. What’s worse is when ex-CIA directors nod in agreement. 

It's facially untrue. Trump supporters are worse than al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Khmer Rouge. The theocratic dictatorship in Iran is more respectable than the Republican Party? Corner these people in an alley and badger them as to why they hate you, and a word salad that is fitting of Kamala Harris’ making will come tumbling out. 

Is the public’s want of fewer taxes, smaller government, a secure border, the deportation of criminal aliens, job creation, and better trade deals nihilistic, dangerous, and contemptible? These sort of inane takes from supposedly professional journalists have chipped away at the news media's credibility, whose trust was already in decline but accelerated by the Trump presidency. 


When you peddle these provable falsehoods about the GOP, like how we’re worse than the Taliban for supporting the principles of freedom, people just smirk, maybe chuckle a bit, and then wholly dismiss you. The ‘Republicans are Nazis’ line is one of the oldest, and it’s never resonated except with the mental defectives who consume CNN. 

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