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Liberals Know That Dragging Hillary Back Into the Fray After the FBI's Raid on Mar-a-Lago Isn't Good, Right?

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Hillary Clinton has been pimping out “but her emails” merchandise on her social media account since the FBI ransacking of Mar-a-Lago on August 8. Federal agents combed through the residence of former President Donald Trump, looking for classified documents that might or might not have been there; we don’t know since the affidavit supporting the plundering remains under seal. The search warrant revealed suspicions that Trump might have violated the Espionage Act and obstructed justice. The whole raid played off like a political hit orchestrated by the political class—and the latest developments don’t downplay that narrative. Where things came off the hinges was the DOJ leak that said the feds thought Trump had classified nuclear secrets strewn about the residence. Why did federal agents confiscate the former president’s passports if this search was narrowed to classified materials? 


The former first lady and the two-time presidential loser must know that if she wants to run again in 2024, which could be possible since the Democrats have no one in 2024, this raid doesn’t help her. The significant difference here is that Trump serving as president, something that Hillary was not and never will be, is/was the ultimate authority on classifying or declassifying documents. The regulations and statutes on classification do not apply to the president, which the Supreme Court affirmed in 1987. Also, the government overclassified everything, which was noted by Mike Davis, a former law clerk to Justice Neil Gorsuch. 

Hillary Clinton had a homebrew server that the State Department did not authorize. Classified material was sent through this unsecured server, asked aides to change classification markings on sensitive communications, and destroyed documents—emails—that were under federal subpoena. Do we have to mention the destroyed Blackberry devices as well? If we’re going to be fair here, then Clinton should be charged with mishandling classified materials, no? But she got away with it, which is at the crux of the issue concerning the DOJ’s raid that seems to fly over the dense heads of liberal America, content with their ignorance on the matter.


Among other character issues, the email server was the first cut of many that killed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run. It hasn’t gone away—and drama and cat-and-mouse games about this server only resurrected the past criticisms of the power couple, which were they never stop playing politics, they’re secretive, and they think the rules don’t apply to them. The latter was the most damning with voters. Does the Clinton camp believe that the FBI’s raid on Trump makes their 2024 position stronger? If anything, the more we talk about it, and it circles back to Hillary’s classified materials mishap, the more it makes the case that there are two separate systems of justice for Democrats and Republicans. It’s nothing you haven’t heard but has it ever been shoved in our faces with such force before? 

The FBI seized documents that attorney-client and executive privilege also protected. In its waning days, other records relating to Crossfire Hurricane were declassified by memos from the Trump White House. Was this a fishing expedition to find smoking gun evidence concerning the January 6 riot? Anything is up for grabs with the Justice Department going rogue. 


For another take, read Ed's post over at HotAir.

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