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AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Bill Maher hasn’t been red-pilled per se, but he says things that infuriate liberals since he’s proudly not part of the ‘woke’ tribe within American liberalism. He has remained his former liberal self, unchanged since Ralph Nader ran in 2004—but that doesn’t satisfy the far left's vocal, aggressive, and overwhelmingly whiny acolytes. You need to join the cancel culture mob, and you must choose the proper pronouns. Maher is not about that and has often railed against his own side’s authoritarian tendencies regarding political correctness. His HBO show Real-Time has entered periods where the comedian does offer concise and sharp commentary about today’s political landscape. As the nation’s attention has been drawn to Mar-a-Lago, where the FBI ransacked the home of Donald Trump, Maher has said what many of us were thinking about Trump and his long-reported 2024 ambitions.


You’ve heard it before—the 2024 Republican primaries are over. The former president has an unbeatable campaign narrative as the victim of the politicized Department of Justice’s Gestapo. He’s the Left’s ‘enemy of the state.’ The raid, the media attention, and the reactions from the Republican Party have cleared the field as of now. Maher aptly called Trump “the luckiest man alive.” Granted, he prefaced that by saying he made a Faustian bargain prior, but Maher is a liberal—expect these jabs but also more kernels of truth than anything you’ll see on CNN. And yes—I know that’s a shallow bar. Only in this case, it’s true (via Fox News):

"Real Time" host Bill Maher took no pleasure to acknowledge that this week's FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago could ultimately benefit former President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly hinted at another bid for the White House.

After poking fun at the "items" that were found in Trump's safe, Maher questioned during a panel discussion whether the FBI raid will equate to "Al Capone's vault" given how broad the classification of "classified" and "top-secret" information is. 

"Is it going to justify this raid or is this going to be a political nightmare?" Maher asked.


He insisted that Trump "did sell his soul to the devil" since he is "the luckiest man in the world."

"His fortune was finally falling. The Big Lie was finally losing momentum. DeSantis was beating him in the polls — you know who hates this more than anybody? DeSantis," Maher exclaimed.

"'I had this in the bag, and now I gotta run against President Martyr,'" Maher continued, impersonating DeSantis. "And this is saving Trump politically because now, of course, all the Republicans — what do they do?"

Morgan argued that the FBI raid will also benefit President Biden, who he suspected would rather face off against Trump in a rematch than any other GOP candidate in 2024. 


The FBI did allocate the largest in-kind campaign contribution in history to Donald Trump with this shambolic plundering of Trump’s home. The preposterous reasoning behind the search warrant is becoming more apparent with the leak about atomic secrets being housed at Mar-a-Lago, the crowning jewel exposing how this treasure hunt was probably a sham. 

Trump’s biggest 2024 rival, Ron DeSantis, was coming up the rear of the former president in the polls. While the base is still incensed over the Democrats’ questionable 2020 election operations, Republican voters seemed poised to move on to the next fight. Before the raid, DeSantis had the skills, resources, and national profile to take on Trump and possibly beat him, albeit in a bloody contest. That’s over. As Maher noted, Trump is now “president martyr” in the aftermath of this ransacking. 

The comedian did include his two cents about how Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director are good guys who probably didn’t want to execute the search but had to due to these concerns about classified material. Maher said these two wouldn’t approve of an operation of this magnitude without just cause, which I’m sure is where you disagree—I do as well. 

Bill, the Justice Department was busted for fabricating evidence to secure FISA spy warrants on Trump campaign officials—there are no limits to the FBI when they want to get someone. That’s the scary part—they will push the boundaries of the federal government because a whole legion of employees there believe they are the state, with absolute authority to ruin anyone’s life to accomplish their goals.


Piers Morgan was also on last Friday’s episode where he said the raid does benefit Joe Biden, who claims to have known nothing about the raid. The British television host and journalist added that Trump is the candidate Biden wants most in a re-match due to past baggage, but Biden has led this nation into a recession, can’t figure out inflation, and seems untroubled with being slapped around by Russia and China. You need to be a politician of considerable skill and talent to see that line of your disasters not being as bad as Trump’s supposed shortfalls, but Joe Biden is too sick, old, and vapid to pull that off. 

The political class, who desperately does not want a 2024 Trump run, has done the most to make that happen, and yes—Trump could win again. No problem. 

Maher's final commentary ripped woke Hollywood since we have another casting controversy regarding an upcoming move about Fidel Castro:

Please read Larry's column for another take on the DeSantis/Trump debate post-FBI raid. 


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