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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Saw White Supremacy Everywhere During Unhinged House Oversight Hearing

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The Democrats got nothing done in two years due to bad policy ideas and being unfocused. The social agenda undid whatever spending provisions the traditional and far-left wings agreed upon. It was a vicious cycle. The social policy of the Democratic Party is too extreme, gross, and all-over bizarre for the average American voter. Whatever the word is for beyond outside the mainstream, that's where the Democratic Party sits comfortably at its peril. We now have a party that would rather be right than lead. That snobby attitude has led to an avalanche of voters bolting from the Democratic Party. Today's Democrats are progressive, college-educated, and upper-income. They're the definition of privilege, and they're not the majority either. The agenda Democrats have put forward is recognizable and beneficial to those barely making up a quarter of the electorate. You see that with the pervasive antics from the Left about political correctness, being woke, and proper pronouns. These people see white supremacists everywhere, bringing us to Wednesday's House Oversight hearing. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) grilled gun manufacturers for using racist symbols in their marketing (via Daily Caller):


Members of “The Squad,” a group of left-wing members of the House of Representatives, accused firearms manufacturers of using white supremacy in the marketing of firearms Wednesday.

Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts made the claims during a hearing of the House Oversight and Reform Committee targeting the marketing of firearms, claiming that the advertisements used symbols of white supremacy. The representatives referenced advertisements while questioning the CEOs of two firearms manufacturers in a hearing held in the wake of mass shootings in Uvalde, Highland Park, and Buffalo.

“I’d like to draw your attention to that red tattoo featured in your company’s advertisement,” Ocasio-Cortez said to Daniel Defense CEO Marty Daniel. “Do you know what that tattoo is, Mr. Daniel?”

After Daniel said he didn’t, Ocasio-Cortez turned to Kelly Sampson, Senior Counsel and Director of Racial Justice of Brady United, who said the tattoo was a white supremacist symbol.

“So, Mr. Daniel, you may or may not know, but your company’s advertisement prominently displays iconography associated with white supremacist movements,” Ocasio-Cortez said, before pulling up a photo from the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol.


Pressley questioned Daniel and Ruger CEO Christopher Killoy over a poster during the hearing after an adviser from the Giffords Law Center called it “dangerous,” asking if they would use their positions on the board of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to halt such advertisements. Daniel and Killoy told Pressley that the NSSF didn’t advertise firearms.

“As long as gun manufacturers have immunity to sell their weapons of war using harmful marketing tactics, black and brown communities will continue to be targeted, and that has got to change,” Pressley claimed. “In the face of white supremacy, my neighbors and I are undeterred in the pursuit of healing and the true justice, and we will not let gunmakers incite violence against us with impunity.”


I know this is a typical day in the life of AOC and her squad. We're playing the Da Vinci Code on phantom white supremacist signs in the firearm industry. No one cares. First, there is no white supremacy marketing strategy with gun makers. This whole hearing is predicated on left-wing psycho-babble. Second, we're in a recession. Baby formula scarcity is still a crisis, the supply chain remains a mess, and we're getting killed at the gas pump. Oh, and of course, you all know about inflation, right? That's what the country cares about, not symbols of white supremacy that aren't real. Joe Biden doesn't think a recession is happening because he chooses to splash around in his pool of delusions. The economy matters to Americans, but AOC and the Democrats are all about global warming, woke action items, and canceling student debt. There are others, but you can see why we're in a recession. Nothing Democrats are passionate about has any tangibles. They wasted so much time on stuff, like arguing that men can get pregnant, that they have no economic agenda other than spending more money which will exacerbate our inflation crisis.

 I think AOC does know about the economy. Her Leninist crew knows it too, but they don't care. These antics are the perks of representing super-safe Democratic seats where everyone is just as mentally ill as they are. Solve inflation by just printing more money, right? AOC's agenda is not the mother lode of inflation; it's the country's economic death. That's why, thus far, it is nowhere near becoming law. Until then, we'll have more useless hearings like this where we can "grassy knoll" white supremacy out of existence and whatnot.



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