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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

You know the saying, ‘practice makes perfect.’ That does not apply to Vice President Kamala Harris. She’s degraded in her overall performance to do the job. The first issue was that she couldn’t do it from the outset of this administration. She’s a mess. Listen to any speech, and it’s a word salad. It’s almost become a guaranteed video clip when she’s trotted out in front of the cameras. Harris had a White House summit regarding Americans with disabilities, which was off the rails. They started with the pronouns. That was the first sign that this event would be a clown show. Libs of Tik Tok noted that this is video evidence of why we’re mocked worldwide. It’s a joke. It got into tin foil hat territory when someone said that because Roe is no more, the disabled with be forcibly sterilized. Just check out these moments:


I like a good political thriller. Three Days of the Condor, The Parallax View, The Conversation, and The Osterman Weekend are all excellent movies. This spectacle at 1600 is a movie, a comedy, but it’s not a funny one. Kamala Harris isn’t considered a successor to Joe, and this spectacle is one of the many reasons why. Like Hillary Clinton, the more she’s in the spotlight, the more unpopular she becomes. The difference is that Hillary can deliver a speech that makes sense. Every Democratic operative who watches this only reinforced their view that the VP is just unqualified and couldn’t win a swing state if it got delivered to her as a present.


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