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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Well, at least they're admitting it now. The COVID vaccine doesn't protect you against infection. That was the golden selling point when the vaccines rolled out, however. Get the shot, and you won't get sick. The vaccine will prevent infection. It turned out it was a myth. Where we are at on the vaccine messaging war is that the cocktail will prevent severe illness and death, but you can still get infected. It's nothing special. The seasonal flu vaccine is the same. You can still contract influenza, but the chances of dying from it are chiefly eliminated. Still, the Biden administration's penchant for not being like Trump caused this train wreck.  


This vaccine was viewed as a silver bullet against COVID until professional athletes started to get it again last year. Then, all bets were off when Omicron hit. The good news is that while more contagious, these new variants are much less lethal. It should be viewed as a virus that pops up seasonally, like the cold or flu. We have therapeutics and antivirals that are effective. Tens of millions of Americans have already had the virus, with three-fourths of kids recovering from past infections. Those over 65 or with pre-existing conditions like diabetes should exhibit more caution. Risk varies by group, just like the flu.

Yet, we learned about this in real-time regarding the vaccine's efficacy. We saw vaccinated persons dropping like flies from re-infection. Did the experts know that from the beginning? Dr. Deborah Brix told Fox News she knew the vaccines wouldn't protect against infection (via Fox News):

DR. BIRX: I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines, and it made people then worry that it's not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization. It will. But let's be very clear: 50% of the people who died from the Omicron surge were older, vaccinated. So that's why I'm saying even if you're vaccinated and boosted, if you're unvaccinated right now, the key is testing and Paxlovid. It's effective. It's a great antiviral. And really, that is what's going to save your lives right now if you're over 70, which if you look at the hospitalizations, hospitalizations are rising steadily with new admissions, particularly in those over 70. And so if you live in the South - I know people keep talking about the fall - I'm worried about the South. 


Well, when did you know, doctor? Is this yet another example of the medical community lying to us? This admission is why no one cares about COVID anymore. It goes beyond the fact that we're in a better position to react to infections. It's not that. It's the endless contradictory and outright falsehoods. Noble lies are still lies, and when they blow up in your face—your trust gets incinerated in the blast. That's what's happened here. No one trusts the CDC or medical professionals because they've lied. I'm not saying anything new, but I think Dr. Birx needs to be invited onto the Hill to explain when she found out the vaccines wouldn't protect us from infection.

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