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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

It's inside the beltway drama, but former US Ambassador to the UN and Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton is hated by those on both sides of the aisle. The Left views him as a war criminal. Conservatives are through with his neoconservative action items. That doesn't mean he is wrong all the time. Bolton did call on John Kerry to resign over the disastrous Iran Deal. When Bolton left the Trump White House, he wrote a tell-all book that prompted the president's legal team to take action. Bolton's the old guard. He's also probably saying things about his former career that are best left unsaid, especially when you're on CNN.


Not that you should care, but we had some January 6 hearings today. Of course, CNN was drooling all over them. One of the prevailing narratives about this circus is that this was a coup. Trump plotted a coup. The former president launched a rebellion, an insurrection. The Left has tried to indict Trump on these ludicrous charges, but that will not happen. 

Bolton was invited on Jake Tapper's show last night, dismissing the host's assertion that plotting a coup isn't hard. Bolton interjected, saying these are arduous tasks. He knows—he's planned quite a few of them. Yeah, he said that on live television. The United States has been behind numerous coups, especially during the Cold War era. You still don't talk about it. 


Someone is doing the coup-plotting, and John Bolton decides to jump out of the bushes to say he knows how to do them professionally. 

Good to know. 

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