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CNN Had the Most Predictable Response to the Coming Biden Recession

AP Photo/Ron Harris

The recession is coming. Actually, that's not quite right. We're in it right now. It will be made official by the experts soon. The second-quarter report is not good. It reportedly shows contraction again. Two consecutive quarters of this and it's a recession. Thanks, Joe Biden. 


Now, Joe doesn't believe this because he's half braindead, but it's a fact. Americans are worse off than they were four years ago. Of all things, we have a baby formula crisis. Mothers can't feed their kids under this president. Gas prices are high and will remain so because Joe Biden has a Ukraine fetish. I admit that I supported initial arms shipments in the early days of the war. Well, now it's an open-ended affair. At the NATO summit this week, Biden said we should all be expected to give a kidney to fill up our cars because of Ukraine. Inflation has eaten away paychecks like locusts. Just look around the grocery store. It's a mess. How do people live? 

Only the GOP can screw up this election year. It's beyond perfect. Joe Biden is weak, stupid, old, and slow. His party can't get anything done because every bill they've tried to push through has been too left-wing and extreme. Joe Biden has no mandate, but he governed like he had the House and Senate under Obama. Not the case—your former boss had better approval ratings. He had coattails. He had political skills. You don't, Joe. 

And on top of all the domestic crises, you can add recession to the list. The Democrats are defending their SLIM House majority as their party leader plunges this nation into an economic catastrophe. You literally can't set this up any better, and the liberal media will soon have to mention that a recession is here. 


Some at CNN are not taking it well. It's racism, guys. Recessions are racist. That's the line. Matt Margolis of PJ Media has more

The U.S. economy shrank worse than expected in the first quarter, stoking fears that we are headed for recession, if not already in one. In fact, most Americans already believe we are in a recession. And they’re probably right. A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters with negative growth. However, as CNN’s Nicole Goodkind notes, “the economy isn’t broadly and officially considered to be in a recession until a relatively unknown group of eight economists says so.”

Goodkind then attempts to make this all sound sinister—like it’s a bunch of James Bond villains hiding in a secret lair plotting world domination by pointing out that these economists “serve together as the Business Cycle Dating Committee, are hand-selected by and work under the umbrella of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a private nonprofit organization.”

So, what exactly is CNN’s problem? Well, it seems all but inevitable that the Biden Recession will soon be official, so to preempt this, CNN has declared this cabal of economists racist.

“There is a clear lack of racial diversity amongst the eight members, and NBER has never had a member who has been a racial minority, according to Gary Hoover, co-chair of the American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession,” CNN explains. “All NBER members are experts in macroeconomics and business cycle research. Each is over 60 years old, and they are all associated with prestigious universities. The group includes two women, one of whom is married to another member.”


That's a hilariously predictable line from the liberal media. It's also comically wrong. Everything is racism when things don't go our way. No, maybe you people just suck. Your agenda sucks, your leaders suck, and your supporters suck. I've never seen a political party so engulfed in things that don't matter. Creating jobs is important, not your pronouns. The liberal agenda is not relatable to anyone who isn't a woke, rich, white woman. 

And abortion won't save them, nor will these silly January 6 hearings. The only thing that could salvage something is the GOP continuing to be stupid on the Hill. 

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