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AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

There were AR-15s and a whole assortment of weapons when rioters stormed the US Capitol on January 6. That was one of the many so-called “bombshells” dropped when Cassidy Hutchinson, supposedly a top aide to Mark Meadows, testified before the select committee looking into this little riot that no one cares about. Literally, no one is watching this hearing as Americans are more worried about Biden’s inflation crisis eating up their paychecks and whether or not they can afford to fill the gas tank to get to work. Yet, we all endured yesterday’s circus because–well–some great material for memes was generating, specifically, the myth that Trump a) assaulted a Secret Service agent, and b) tried to grab the steering wheel of “the Beast” to get to the Capitol. 


None of that happened. None of it is true. You’re telling me that no one at the Secret Service knew about this until yesterday. Please. And now the agents who were in the car are willing to testify and debunk everything Hutchinson said. Any “bombshell” that makes Trump look bad always has the same fate. One, it’s always false. Two, it never has the effect the anti-Trumpers think it will have with voters. It only makes the former president look better with his base, which is the GOP now.

Now, Hutchinson said that there were weapons all over the place, including AR-15 rifles, among the crowd (via Reuters):

Many Republicans - including Trump and Republican Representative Louie Gohmert - have said the rioters were not armed, but Hutchinson's testimony contradicted this claim. She testified that both Meadows and Trump knew many in the crowd were armed with AR-15s, handguns, brass knuckles and batons and equipped with body armor.


Really? We’re going with that right now. After months of the liberal media obsessing over this day that no one cares about, you’d think we’d have photographic evidence of people with AR-15s storming the building. We don’t. Maybe if they release all the security footage we can see that, but they won’t because there were no AR-15s and the footage inside is just an hours-long boring spectacle of folks just walking around inside the building. That sort of kills the violent ‘storm the Bastille’ narrative the liberal media has manufactured for this event. 

We would have seen photos of these weapons by now. We haven’t. It’s the same nonsense with the Russian collusion hoax. All these allegations about Trump being a Kremlin agent, and then nothing. 

The liberal media is only believing this because of Cassidy who is primed to get a nice media contract and book offer in the near future. She was slated to work with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, but obviously, things took a different turn, and now she’s here telling what appear to be lies. 

This thing comes in threes. First, the ‘steering wheel’ story looks like it will be torched by the Secret Service. There are no photos of people carrying weapons only that Cassidy heard it, which isn’t proof but hearsay. What’s next? That the 101st Airbone was en route to paradrop into DC and take over the city in a coup. 


This entire testimony is about to be ripped apart like warm bread. 

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