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NBC News: The Voters Democrats Need Most to Save Them Are Getting Killed By the Biden Economy

AP Photo/Tom Copeland

Liberal scientist David Shor has fired off so many warning flares on this front. There are no excuses now. Shor is a hard-core lefty, but he also knows that this nation is left-wing. Liberals are the minority vote. None of their agenda items are popular. They tried being pro-crime and going to war with law enforcement. It failed. The recall of lefty District Attorney Chesa Boudin, the offspring of domestic terrorists, in San Francisco is possibly the clearest sign for liberals that their inner-city social policy is a total failure. Liberals used to be good at connecting with people. They messaged well. It was a source one envy on our side, especially during the 2008 and 2012 cycles. Obama was able to cobble together enough working-class whites to win two presidential elections. Post-Obama, the Left has lost that ability to communicate, opting to instead mock, denigrate, and spit in the faces of those with differing views. As a result, the working class has gone red, and now Hispanics are following suit. It also doesn’t help that post-2016, rich white liberals in urban America have swollen the ranks and pushed nonwhite voters out despite the latter’s support for Democrats for the past half-century.


White college-educated liberals filled the coffers. They’re running point on the agenda—and they’re all way too rigid and ideological for the average voter. We all know the 2022 midterms are going to be a red tsunami year, barring any GOP acts of self-sabotage, but Democrats are going to try and stop the bleeding somehow. Maybe that’s why Biden’s communications team went to the Hill last week to hold a seminar on how to message on the economy. I’m sure it was a train wreck. The Left’s insufferable moral superiority complex ruined what was a lethal campaign asset. They need to eat some humble pie and figure out how to win back their people because the voters they need most right now to stave off annihilation this year and in 2024 are the ones getting absolutely killed by the Biden economy (via NBC News):

As food and gas prices have soared, Stephanie Lane says her family has gone from working class to working poor.

The Pennsylvania mother of four has begun going to a food pantry, and this summer she will be driving her kids across town to get free breakfasts and lunch at a local school. For the first time, the family will be skipping its summer trip to the beach.

"The past few months, inflation really just pushed us over the edge," said Lane. "We have three young kids, we have an older one in college, and just being able to put food on the table is literally a daily struggle."

From moms in Pennsylvania to Black voters in Georgia, key groups of voters crucial to Democratic victories in 2020 are getting hit the hardest by record levels of inflation, deepening Democrats’ struggle to hold on to congressional control in Washington. 

Inflation has been cited as a top concern by voters across the board, but economists and pollsters say it isn’t affecting all Americans in the same way. Those with lower incomes, Blacks and Hispanics, and those under 40, are being hit particularly hard given they tend to spend a greater share of their income on food, fuel and housing — areas that have seen some of the biggest price increases over the past year, surveys and polls show. 

For Democrats, those demographic groups are the ones they need the most to turn out in November to hang on to power in Washington, or if nothing else, stem their losses. In 2020, it was Black voters in areas like Atlanta, white working class voters in Pennsylvania and young voters in college towns in Michigan and Wisconsin that helped tip crucial swing states in President Joe Biden’s favor. 

“The battleground in the midterms is fought out on terrain that Joe Biden won in 2020, which means Democrats have to hold the coalition of suburban voters who defected from Republicans, working people who came out for Joe Biden, young people and people of color who showed up,” said Jesse Ferguson, a Democratic strategist. “The job in 2022 is to hold as much of that as humanly possible.”

Yet much of that coalition falls into the categories economists and pollsters say are getting hit the hardest.


There’s a sense that Team Biden got exhausted fighting Trump in 2020. Now, they can’t close in the playoffs. Indeed, they’ve acted as if no crisis could ever hit them after the 2020 election. They’re Democrats. They’re better. The adults are back. There’s nothing that can go wrong. Well, everything has gone wrong. The ship of state hit the reef. We’re taking in water, but this crew doesn’t even know where the button is to engage the pumps to keep us afloat. Biden fell off his bike at the Delaware Shore this weekend. Need I say more about whose quarterbacking things right now. Weakness and incompetence just ooze from this White House—and these groups won’t see any relief from this president and the economy he destroyed. Biden and the Democrats would rather blame Putin. It’s now working. It’s not working because this is all your fault, Joe. 

Build Back Better would have made our situation worse, so thank God it got torpedoed on the Hill. The Fed should have started raising rates gradually months ago. Now, we have to shock the system. Government can’t spend like drunken sailors. That’s a problem because the core of the Democratic economic agenda is spending like we’ve all chugged bottles of Woodford Reserve in 10 minutes. The economy shrank last quarter. It will shrink again next quarter making our recession official. We’re already there. What we need to worry about now is whether president dementia will lead us into an economic depression. 


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