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Al Drago, Pool via AP

It's not a shocking observation. You’ve known it for years. The Democratic Party doesn’t have any working people in their ranks anymore. It’s white, college-educated, wealthy, and urban-based. It’s the professional elite. The working-class people are idiots for not having higher education degrees. Screw them. And for a slice of the electorate that’s all about checking privilege, it’s true kettle calling the pot black territory. These people are the most privileged and yet they find it fitting to take over the advocacy of issues that primarily impact nonwhite communities. If it’s not that, they just outright shove those issues to the curb. Nonwhite voters loyal to the Democratic Party and part of its base now see their presence not being valued. That’s because the white college-educated crowd gave mountains of cash to the Democrats. Who do you think gets their call returned first, the person who cut a massive check or the voter whose been die-hard blue for decades? It’s the former. It's always the former. You all know that.


Nonwhite voters are not hardcore on issues white progressives hold dear, which is all of them. They’re not as ideologically rigid. They’ve slowly pushed the backbones of the Democratic base towards the GOP. This slice alone cannot win national elections; their agenda is too left-wing. You saw that with the San Francisco DA recall last night. So, what makes Democrats think their primetime January 6 hearings will tilt the scale in any way? It won’t. It won’t because no one really cares. 

Working people need to figure out how to pay the bills, fill the gas tank, pay for groceries, find baby formula if they have babies, and not go homeless. That’s Biden’s America. As Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist pointed out, no one cares about this little riot, or hearings about it for that matter, if high inflation is torching your home budget. She also took a blowtorch to the whole circus here and didn’t hold back (via RCP):


This January 6th commission itself has been saying that they would like to overturn the Electoral College. They have not done any real investigation into what happened on January 6th. I think a lot of people would like to know why the Capitol wasn't protected. This has always been a reelection protection idea that Nancy Pelosi had that maybe if she could gin this up into a much bigger deal than it was, then she could somehow retain the majority for her Democrats, and I don't think it's going to work. I mean, turning this into a production including hiring a news producer, it's just not what people want to hear as they are suffering so much with the economy, with border problems, with global unrest, with us being ashamed on a global stage."

It's indicative of what the Democratic Party has become—one that caters to people whose only worry right now is this. the level of detachment reached new levels when this administration laughed at high gas prices. They suggested that families buy unaffordable electric cars. That’s not feasible for most families, guys. That’s like admonishing a homeless person for not buying a house. They don’t know real people. They’re cooked.


They know they’re cooked. We have the Eastern Conference Finals for the NHL, plus the Stanley Cup Finals ahead. The NBA Finals have begun. There’s plenty of other worthwhile content out there besides a bunch of Democrats acting insane about something that everyone has long forgotten because it wasn’t that big of a deal. 

The economy is a disaster. Joe Biden can’t do anything right at home or abroad. This Summit of the Americas is already a train wreck as Mexico, our largest trading partner in the region and a key partner regarding this immigration crisis, decided to boycott the meeting. America is back, they said. The adults are back. Joe Biden is awesome. It’s very much been a brutal descent into incompetence and inaction. This insane ethos that time and liberal media propaganda can con the American voter out of these crises is astounding.

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