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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It's confirmed. Almost every major liberal publication is reporting that Joe Biden is angry that his approval ratings are abysmal and that he's not being credited for doing a good job. Old man, you need to work at that—and everyone knows you can't do it. You can't do the job. It's more than just shuffling out there and giving a speech. That's not solving a problem. You can't create any more czars, either. Every task force you've created has solved nothing. 


It's not the adults who are in charge. It's the mentally challenged—truly. 

How could this administration be this incompetent? It knew a baby formula shortage was coming for months, and it did nothing. Biden and his crew thought their party affiliation and the liberal media would make this issue go away. The magic crisis fairies would make everything better. Reality check: it didn't. Suburban mothers can't feed their babies. And when "I don't know" is the position of this White House when it comes to when they figured out, they were heading up s**t's creek. It adds more to the narrative that this guy doesn't get it. 

Biden is also mad that people correct him all the time. Sorry, grandpa—those people probably helped stave off World War III with your ridiculous remarks about the Ukraine-Russia war. Your staff must clarify your remarks because they're idiotic, terrible, or outright unintelligible. Some are a Frankenstein creation of all three. 

Meanwhile, everyone is getting torched by your Build Back Better agenda. Inflation is high. Gas prices are through the roof. Job growth is anemic. The economy shrank last quarter. We're in a recession. But Biden now thinks that the only way he can fix this is by—get this—getting out in public more. I'm not kidding (via Politico): 


The plan is to put Biden on the road to highlight progress being made, even incrementally, in meeting the series of tests, with visits this week to California, where he will preside over a summit of Western Hemisphere allies, as well as New Mexico to push for his climate agenda. The administration will also set aside its reluctance to work with “a pariah” nation with hopes to spur oil production. And it plans to sharpen its attacks on Republicans, aiming to paint the GOP as out-of-touch with mainstream America on issues like gun safety and abortion, all while hoping the upcoming Jan. 6 congressional hearings will further color the party as too extremist and dangerous to return to power.

But first aides need to quell the finger-pointing that’s been erupting internally and the increasing concern over staff shakeups, according to five White House officials and Democrats close to the administration not authorized to publicly discuss internal conversations. They also increasingly are trying to soothe the greatest source of West Wing frustration, coming from behind the Resolute Desk.

The president has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of Donald Trump, whom Biden routinely refers to in private as “the worst president” in history and an existential threat to the nation’s democracy.

After publication, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said: “This depiction of the White House is simply divorced from reality.”

Far more prone to salty language behind the scenes than popularly known, Biden also recently erupted over being kept out of the loop about the direness of the baby formula shortage that has gripped parts of the country, according to a White House staffer and a Democrat with knowledge of the conversation. He voiced his frustration in a series of phone calls to allies, his complaints triggered by heart-wrenching cable news coverage of young mothers crying in fear that they could not feed their children.

Biden didn’t want to be painted as slow to act on a problem affecting the working-class people with whom he closely identifies. Therefore, when aides convened a meeting with formula company executives, the president — against the advice of staffers — publicly declared it took weeks before details of the shortage had reached him, even though the whistleblower complaint that led to the shutdown of a major production facility was issued months ago. Some aides feared the moment made Biden look out of touch, especially after the CEOs in the very same meeting made clear that warnings of the shortage were known for some time.


Well, Joe—this is your fault. You acted slowly because you are slow. Your mental capacity is shot. You have no idea what's going on, and your staffing does suck. Your approvals are radioactive, so no Democrat really wants you around. You're going to stumble, mumble, and trip over yourself trying to say how great a job you're doing on the road. I mean, I hope he does this as it only increases the GOP's chances of cleaning up during the midterms. This is contingent on them being smart and ending these bipartisan talks on gun control and immigration, of course. 

Biden said that high gas prices are the price you pay during an energy transition. He said inflation was transitory. The man peddles achievements that aren't his own. And when most of the country thinks you're mentally gone, there's no road tour that can help you. He just doesn't fill the office. He doesn't have the presence. Obama knew this. It's why he tried to dissuade Joe from running, and he knew his capacity for screwing things up. Joe is about to head to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil. He's going to fail. Every initiative Joe Biden has put forward has collapsed. He will fail abroad. He's failed at home. What good is this guy? 


NO ONE wants you to do much of anything, Joe. No one expects anything, either. Don't you get it, old man?

Also, the fact that this White House thinks these January 6 hearings in prime time will move the needle is just hilarious. No one cares about January 6 anymore. Again, do these people read the news? 

There are several domestic crises torching the working class, and mothers can't find baby formula. The incompetence is staggering. 

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