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AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Amazon is just not ‘woke’ enough. It could also be that they’re not insane and do not want to be known as the book police. Usually, people who want to become cops of written works have names like ‘Stasi’ and ‘Gestapo.’ If you’ve picked up a history book, those folks are not in good standing. Alas, as we enter Pride Month, the ‘woke’ have launched an assault on liberal as hell Amazon because they don’t like some books that are for sale. They’re transphobic. They had a die-in protest in Seattle yesterday. If people read these books, deaths will follow. What is this the Evil Dead? You read a book and become an undead zombie? Progressive nutjobs are going to do what they want to do, I guess (via Business Insider):


Amazon employees staged a die-in Wednesday at the company's Seattle headquarters, disrupting a company LGBTQ Pride Month celebration in protest of Amazon's continued sale of transphobic books.

The protest comes amid increased employee activism at large technology companies, including unionization campaigns among Amazon's U.S. warehouse workers. 

In an email, an Amazon spokesperson reiterated previous company statements in support of trans rights and Amazon's LGBTQ employees. The company chooses to sell books from "a very broad range of viewpoints, including books that conflict with our company values and corporate positions," the spokesperson wrote.

The nearly 30 protestors who stormed a company-sponsored Pride Flag-raising ceremony on Amazon's Seattle campus Wednesday included members of the internal LGBTQ activist group No Hate At Amazon. In speeches, protestors accused the company of attempting to "rainbow-wash" its image while making money off of the sale of content that harms transgender people. 


There were…“30 protestors.” Oh no, what’s Jeff Bezos going to do? Nothing. This is Amazon. Know your enemy, and not every David and Goliath situation ends with an upset win. This is America. These people can protest and have all the die-ins they want but it doesn’t negate the fact that the ‘woke’ are becoming the thought police. They may not like it, but this is the left-wing version of book burning. They want to censor certain books on this massive platform by not allowing people to buy or sell them. That sounds un-American. I know there are hard-core left-wingers who sell their works on Amazon. I can’t stand their opinions, but I’m not going to stage a die-in and say if you read Karl Marx, you’ll die. 


Okay, bad example—tens of millions have followed this guy to their deaths. 

But if you read Michael Moore, you’re not going to die. You might lose a few brain cells, but nothing more serious than a good night of binge drinking. 

A die-in at Amazon HQ over books they don't like—what a mess. 

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