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AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe

This isn't a hard one. The COVID pandemic did a host of damage to our society. Some of it might be irreparable. Our kids are eons behind now, and that education gap will only worsen. To complicate matters, the spike in mental health issues will provide more obstacles in the mad dash to catch our children up with their lessons. And if that wasn't enough of a herculean task—we have these woke teachers who are more concerned about making all their students gay or trans that no curriculum will probably be instructed properly. 

The pandemic all but destroyed the trust we had in the medical community. It's no better than MSNBC contributors. The pervasive and violent whiplashes we endured on the COVID protocols ended the era of the experts. We don't listen to them anymore. We're done. And that degradation of trust also torched the left's favorite talking point on abortion. 

You've all heard it. 

"It's my body, my choice." It's literally one of the first chants you hear at an abortion rally. It's the overarching point in every piece from the media when abortion is a hot topic, like right now with the Dobbs case. Keep the government out of the bedroom, but these folks want it everywhere in the home concerning the COVID vaccine. Trust women, except when it comes to the COVID vaccine. That's quite a take. 

The left cannibalized its own abortion talking points with COVID. Everyone needs to be jabbed, leftists screeched. Well, whatever happened to my body, my choice? Oh, that came from the conservative side, right? So, it doesn't count. Yeah, it doesn't work that way, and I hope someone brings up the rank hypocrisy here. 

Democrats can't say they trust women more with their reproductive health but also say that everyone should be forced to get the COVID shot. 

"My body, my choice" when it comes to killing babies, but with a viral infection that could be exploited to expand government power—then make that crap mandatory. That's the left for you in 2022. 

It's why Rep. Jamie Raskin's (D-MD) remarks about this were so predictable. He invoked his daughters, saying he trusts them more to make these decisions "than I would ever trust the class of politicians to make those decisions for them." 

Again, except with the COVID vaccine, Raskins wants a class of politicians to make those decisions for everyone, and very few exceptions were offered. When it comes to abortion, the political class shouldn't step in—that's sexist and misogynistic. But with COVID, everyone must get the shot. It's your responsibility, your duty to your fellow neighbor. If you don't do it, you're selfish and possibly a white nationalist. 

We're done with this game. And now, with the left declaring that men can get pregnant and erasing women from biology—it seems another talking point, that those without uteruses can't have an opinion on abortion, has been killed by the idiocy of liberalism. Leave it to leftists to burn down their own city. 


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