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AP Photo/Eric Gay

Did I hear that right? I’m not sure that was a piece of information the Biden administration wanted to disclose about the baby formula crisis. Yes, it’s real. Yes, babies are being hospitalized over it. It’s not some Fox News invention. Once again, we’re right and the Left is wrong. These people just don’t know how to govern. 


I feel like a chain-smoking Sam Jackson citing all the issues at Jurassic Park.

“That’s a 151 on today’s glitch list.” 

The Biden administration thought their mere presence would settle everything. That all will be fixed because Democrats were in charge. Instead, things are worse than ever. We had a stock market crash yesterday, with the Dow tumbling 1,160 points. The Biden White House apparently doesn’t care about that, nor do they watch the ever-increasing volatility of the stock market. We have serious people in charge—very serious. We still have a southern border crisis. We still have a supply chain crisis. We’re getting yanked further into a war in Ukraine. WE had a disastrous exit from Afghanistan. We have rising gas prices. We have inflation that’s out of control. And now this baby formula fiasco which the Biden administration admits they saw coming last year

HHS Secretary Becerra spilled the beans here I think:

Will there be a task force? Who will be the baby formula czar? Neither. Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to provide relief to families struggling to feed their babies, thanks to Joe’s gross incompetence. It’s called Operation Fly Formula. Biden couldn’t go the task force route. He has how many of those going? And how many crises have they solved? None. You can’t go through the motions, Joe. You have to do something. This isn’t the U.S. Senate. Work has to be done—and you can’t do it


Also, what a bunch of sadists. They knew this was coming and just let it happen. I guess they were too busy trying to figure out what to call Trump supporters, hence wasting six months of research to come up with “Ultra MAGA” which is just a badass name. It’s not a swipe. We wear that with pride. Just like inflation. They thought it would go away because they have the correct opinions. They’re liberals. They’re Democrats. We’re not Trump. Inflation is transitory so they sat on their hands. Now, it’s a mess. The same applies here. Baby formula shortage. That will go away; I’m Joe Biden. Meanwhile, kids are starving. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said he’s having extreme difficulty finding baby formula for his twins. 

Biden rolled the dice on starving kids. He did nothing. He knew it was coming and did nothing because he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know where he is. He’s lazy. He’s stupid. He’s old. He’s a miserable failure of a president. He acts like Hunter. He’s not screwing hookers left and right, knocking them up, and doing copious amounts of crack cocaine—but he’s just as reckless here. 

Grandpa thought he could drive us out these crises but instead crashed into a ditch and doesn’t know that the vehicle is on fire. 

And after all of this, the man has the balls to say this:


Well, we know your mind is mush, Joe. It's filled with cobwebs where a brain used to be. Don't get snippy, old man. You knew this was coming and did nothing. You just suck as a person and as a president. You're no leader. You can't be when you expect us to change your diaper after soiling yourself. 

You're a failure, Joe. Just an embarrassing abject failure and the people you have around to to ensure you look like a functioning human being are equally braindead. 

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