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'The View' Has a Complete and Total Meltdown Over Abortion Ruling

Paula Lobo/ABC via AP

Nothing says hysterics like ABC's "The View," especially when it comes to abortion. It was a banner day for that yesterday. The hosts were going bananas. What else is new? We had remarks about how this was the start of the road to fascism. How abortion is a decision between a woman, her doctor, and…the baby. I'm not so sure about the last part. Co-host Joy Behar said the decision was so devastating that when she got up to use the bathroom last night, she couldn't get back to sleep (via Newsbusters): 


Leading the cast, Goldberg began by trying to calm the fears of their liberal viewers. “This was a draft that they put together sometime earlier in the year,” she said. “This is not the law. And I want to make sure everybody knows that your rights are still in place.”

But Goldberg’s demeanor would drastically shift by the end of their second segment on the draft ruling. By that time, she was yelling and morbidly claiming the child also chooses abortion. “You are not the person to make that decision! My doctor, and myself, and my child, that's who makes the decision,” she exclaimed with a sneer.


… in another example of how self-centered Behar is, she recounted how she “ woke up in the middle of the night to pee,” saw the story, and “couldn’t go back to sleep. It’s that devastating.”

After suggesting that conservative Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett lied under oath in their Senate confirmation hearings, Behar claimed they would target “Brown vs. Board of Education” next and warned we have a dystopian future ahead of us. “So, I see fascism down the line here.”

In the second segment on the draft ruling, Sunny Hostin got exceptionally self-righteous as she touted her Catholicism and how “my faith tells me that abortion is wrong … But I don't want to put my beliefs on anyone else.” She also decried how “morally grounded” Justice Samuel Alito’s ruling was. “I don't think that that should ever be in a Supreme Court opinion,” she proclaimed.

But Alito’s reference to the morality of the issue was regarding how each side views itself. So, was it a Freudian slip that their side didn’t really care about morality? That’s not to mention how they always try to claim they have the moral high ground.


What's not really being talked about among the liberal media circles for obvious reasons is how this clerk for the Supreme Court caused potentially irreparable damage to the trust and professionalism that this institution has exhibited for over 200 years. These leaks don't happen, and that's how we know about the draft opinion. Someone leaked it to the press. The Supreme Court authenticated it yesterday morning, and now a hunt for the leaker has begun. For all the talk about institutional integrity and their defense of them, the left will toss everything out to ensure baby killing remains legal. Also, I guess the left knows what a woman is now. Is "birthing people" now no longer an acceptable term? 

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