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Times Square Billboard Calls Out WaPo Writer for Doxxing Libs of TikTok

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

The Washington Post decided to declare war on the woman behind Libs of TikTok, a popular account on Twitter, because she was too good at exposing insane ideas. Like clockwork, the account would expose some of the most unhinged, gross, and extreme leftists out there. This isn't an invasion of privacy. These are public posts. Libs of TikTok just reshared them with some witty commentaries. The woman is a non-public figure, but that didn't matter. Taylor Lorenz of The Washington Post decided to doxx this woman and harass members of her family. Yes, personal information was shared. Yes, her address was included in the links in the Post's article. This was an attack.


The good news is that Libs of TikTok was ready for war. She did have to leave her residence when this story broke, but she has gained hundreds of thousands of new followers. She broke one million today. And Times Square has a new billboard trashing Lorenz and The Washington Post for their piece about her, which put her life at risk (via Daily Wire): 

Podcaster and YouTube commentator Tim Pool, incensed like many at Washington Post employee Taylor Lorenz’s unmasking of the woman behind the wildly popular Libs of TikTok account, asked his 1.1 million Twitter followers Monday if he should do something about it.


Calls were made, strings were pulled and on Tuesday, Pool shared a video of the digital billboard in Times Square.

“Hey WaPo, democracy dies in darkness, that’s why we’re shining a light on you,” read the message, in a jab at the maxim the pompous paper struggles to live up to.


“Tim Pool and the CEO of the Daily Wire took out a giant billboard in Times Square today in an attempt to discredit my reporting on Libs of TikTok,” Lorenz tweeted along with a link to her article. She limited replies to those she follows or mentioned.

Libs of TikTok also retweeted Pool’s video, reacting with a succinct, “OMG.”

The Washington Post, the news organization known for breaking the Watergate story and now owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, has stood by the dubious story and its writer amid the growing chorus of criticism.

“Taylor Lorenz is a diligent and accomplished journalist whose reporting methods comport entirely with the Washington Post’s professional standards,”Senior Managing Editor Cameron Barr said in a statement.


You must fight back. With Elon Musk taking over Twitter, it should be easier for conservatives to push back on nonsensical liberal narratives. Our reach won't be curtailed. Accounts won't be banned. And outlets can report on news and disseminate their posts without fear of censorship. That is all coming to a theater near you when Musk takes control. 

Maybe Taylor and her friends will leave Twitter when that happens. 

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