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Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP

He's the architect for Bill Clinton’s 1992 win. He’s one of the elites regarding strategists in the Democratic Party. There are times when James Carville is right, and then he’s way off base. As SNL alum Bill Hader said while impersonating him on Weekend Update years ago, “I’m as crazy as they come.” He’d agree. 


Carville is right that the Democratic Party’s woke experiment is nonsense. That the college debt forgiveness is a terrible idea, and that no one speaks like those in the college faculty lounge. To reach voters, you cannot come off as an Ivy League snob. The problem is that persona is the Democratic Party. It’s why everyone is flocking to the GOP; the Democrats have lost their minds. 

They were already fragile mentally after 2016. COVID pushed them over the top into crazy land. Carville might see that, but maybe not. He recently went on MSNBC to declare what his strategy would be for Democrats in 2022 and that would be to cast the GOP as a weird party. He delivered this commentary last Tuesday (via Real Clear Politics):

Moscow Mitch is up to his usual tricks. He had quite a few dealings with the Russians. Ans his party, about a third of them are pulling for Russia.

He wants people that will be compliant with his worldview, which is tax cuts for the richest people in the world and taxing poor people, which I don't think isn't a very smart idea.

But the problem is they are a weird political party. They need to be branded as such. These 26 QAnon people, that's not necessarily the extreme. These are people that talk about testicle tanning and go to Hungary for conferences.

These are not normal. By and large part of the Republican Party is out and out weird. When you have Moscow Mitch saying we need more sane people, that means you have a lot of really crazy people.

Look at the clip when they were looking at Peter Navarro. That guy was a serious person in the White House. You're telling me he's a normal human being? No. He's not even among the worst. The thing that Democrats need to do is start pointing out how weird and strange the Republicans have become and taught more about that and less about what Biden hasn't done for them. That's what I think.

It has to be a serious effort to brand these people that they are really like odd ducks. You have Trump saying, well, maybe the Russians and Ukraine can sit down. No, somebody illegally invaded a country and is ongoing committing war crimes. That's not good. You don't pull for them. That's a bad deal.


First, testicle tanning is a bit odd, but it’s nothing compared to the Left’s penchant for normalizing pedophilia. Q’Anon is not even a significant portion of the GOP base. No one really knows who Pete Navarro is; that’s deep inside the beltway stuff. What people do know is that they think it’s weird for teachers to secretly dole out puberty blockers, it’s weird for teachers to demand little kids mask up, and it’s weird that teachers are having graphic discussions about sex and gender identity with pre-teens. And it’s weird that school districts are secretly counseling students on how to be trans behind their parents’ backs. 

Pedophilia, COVID insanity, secret transgender counseling, and drug distribution rings are a lot weirder to the average American than anything Carville just mentioned. Suburban America finds this stuff oddball as well. School boards are turning red for that reason. So, maybe cool your jets, James about the ‘GOP becoming weird’ talking point when your party is becoming one for the perverts, child rapists, and deviants. 

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