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AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

When Republicans retake Congress and the White House, there must be a special counsel investigation into public education. That’s it. Enough. We have too many freaks in our schools. Too many teachers feel parents have no rights. Too many woke teachers who frankly should all be deported…to the Sun. School boards aren’t interesting or exciting races, but they’re important. Yes, they carry a lot of headaches, but the Left seized on these under-the-radar races that wield power. It’s time to take them back. We’ve started that this year as the COVID hysterics really exposed these people. The critical race theory push didn’t help, and now secret transgender sleeper cells. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much but teachers should stick to the curriculum and stop doling out advice to pe-teens about this stuff behind their parents’ backs. It happened in a public school system in Massachusetts which prompted angry parents to file a lawsuit (via NY Post):


A Massachusetts school district secretly promoted the gender transitions of a pair of siblings against their parent’s wishes, the outraged adults claim in a lawsuit.

Stephen Foote and Marissa Silvestri Ludlow said Ludlow Public Schools in middle-class Ludlow, Mass., “impermissibly inserted themselves into the private realm” of their family, superseding their “rights to make decisions regarding their children’s upbringing, mental health, and well being,” in a suit filed April 12 in Massachusetts federal court.

They had asked Paul L. Baird Middle School staff not to have private conversations with their kids about gender issues — but claim in court papers that the superintendent, principal, guidance counselor and teachers ignored the request, even referring to their biological daughter and son by other pronouns without the parents’ knowledge.

The children are identified in the legal filing only as B.F. and G.F., respectively.


 B.F.’s 12-year-old sibling asked teachers and counselors to address him by a female name, “S.” and concealed those conversations from the parents, the child’s parents alleged in the litigation.

The back and forth between school staff and the youngsters shows the school is “hiding it from parents intentionally,” said Andrew Beckwith, an attorney for the parents.

After B.F.’s teacher forwarded the chain to her parents, principal Stacy Monette placed the educator on leave — and cut short a meeting with B.F.’s parents at which they hoped to raise their concerns, according to court papers.


“The term groomer is being used a lot today,” Beckwith told The Post. “Imagine what goes through any parent’s mind when you have some other adult talking to your kid about sexuality — and saying we’re going to hide this conversation from your parents.”

At a Connecticut school, a school nurse was suspended for revealing that teachers were secretly handing out puberty blockers. Liberals scoff at this stuff. Let them. Parents don’t—and they vote. As of now, the word on the street is that they’re looking for sane people to handle things and those people are Republicans.

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