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How DeSantis Could Pour Salt Into the Wounds of Dems in 2022...Look at Florida's Congressional Map

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

The battle over congressional remapping could be kicked up a notch or two with Florida’s latest move. The Florida legislature, which is controlled by the Republicans, is going to allow Gov. Ron DeSantis to redraw the maps. If this is flying under the radar, it’s because the Left is more concerned about the bill that doesn’t mention the word “gay,” but is calling it the “don’t say gay” bill all the same. Oh, and that bill, which bars teachers from being all-around perverts around young children, discussing gender identity, and having other frank sexual discussions with minors, is popular. It’s the law. It’s been signed by DeSantis. It’s over. And Disney World is not leaving Florida, so the governor can wait until these crybabies simmer down. As the ‘woke’ Left continues to froth at the mouth over this law, DeSantis could wipe out all the national remap gain made by Democrats. The Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman mentioned this, though I’m, sure many knew that these remap gains wouldn’t last long. The GOP is still heavily favored to retake the House. Democrats only have a four-seat majority right now, hence why they can’t go all gung-ho on a radical left-wing agenda; they don’t have the votes. 


If this holds up to judicial scrutiny, DeSantis could pour salt into the Democrats’ 2022 wounds (via Miami Herald):

In a highly unusual move, Republican legislative leaders on Monday deferred to Gov. Ron DeSantis to draft a new congressional map in an apparent attempt to appease the governor and dissolve intraparty tensions over the redistricting process in Florida.


However, state Democratic lawmakers and other groups called the move “undemocratic” and “dangerous.” “Whatever happened to the separation of powers?” said state Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando. “The fact that the Florida Legislature is just bending over backward to do what the governor wants. I mean, why are we elected? At this point, we might as well give the governor a pen and paper and he will just redraw the maps himself.”


Abel Iraola, a spokesperson for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party’s main arm for U.S. House races, shared those concerns. 

“The Florida Legislature’s decision to hand redistricting over to Gov. Ron DeSantis is an unprecedented and shameless abdication of their responsibilities as an elected body,” Iraola said. “Based on his public comments, there is no doubt that any proposal from Gov. DeSantis would be a nonstarter and an attack on Black representation in Florida.”


In addition to passing constitutional muster, there are some important time constraints at work in Florida’s redistricting process, too. Because a new seat in Congress was awarded as a result of the 2020 Census, there’s a requirement to have an entirely new map in place to accommodate the 28th district. So falling back on the existing map for the 2022 election is not an option. The last day for a candidate to qualify to run for Congress in Florida is June 17, and the primary election is Aug. 23.


So, the clock is ticking, guys. Keep an eye out regarding this fight because it could get nasty. As for the expected Democratic opposition and whining, elections have consequences. Sorry. 


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