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Bill Maher Zeroes in on Why the Democrats Will Get Destroyed in November

Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

Joe Rogan and Bill Maher are in the same room to record a podcast. You know it’s going to be good. And you know the triggered snowflakes would probably have a meltdown. Maher has infuriated the progressive Left because he wants no part of their ‘woke’ nonsense. Like Rogan, Maher is pro-free speech and steers clear of the political correctness fetish that’s engulfed the Left. As he’s said many times, he didn’t change. The Democrats did. As you all know, Rogan just speaks his mind which makes him dangerous to liberal America. He doesn’t kowtow to their demands. Power to him. Remember when the Left tried to pressure Spotify regarding hosting his podcast. Whatever happened to that? Neil Young demanded his music be taken down. Spotify complied because they can survive without Neil Young who hasn’t had a hit in like three decades. Other has-been artists followed. Rogan remains. Spotify remains. Sorry, you lose again left-wingers.


The other irony here is that Rogan and Maher are not conservatives. Rogan supports universal health care. Maher has been an unabashed liberal for years with a few dashes of libertarianism and has often railed against the GOP. Hey, it’s a free country. When the hardcore liberals are saying things are nuts, you know it’s out of hand. Folks, Al Sharpton took woke white progressives to the woodshed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe recently. When you lose Sharpton, I don’t know what other canary you can put in the coal mine. 

Maher was blunt regarding how Democrats will fare in the 2022 midterms. They’re in for an a**-kicking as the nation yearns for common sense. Maher is right; the Democrats are going to get wrecked. It’s not a question of if but when—and that will be this upcoming November. The only thing that could save Democrats from a disastrous election night is the GOP doing all it can to sabotage their own electoral success (via The Blaze):

"Real Time" host Bill Maher predicted to podcaster Joe Rogan this week that the Democratic Party is "going to get their a** kicked" during midterm elections in November because they have all but abandoned "common sense."


…Maher asserted that he's not the one who has changed; rather, progressive in the country are the ones who have drifted away from broadly accepted norms.

"The left has gotten goofier. So, I seem more conservative, maybe," he argued. "But like, it’s not me who changed. I feel I’m the same guy."


…when discussing why both he and Rogan have experienced a growth in their followings, Maher said, "I think it's because we are both seen as people who are commonsensical."


…the two commentators discussed Big Tech censorship of the coronavirus lab-leak theory as an example of how everything in America has become politicized and categorized into one of two "extremes."

"It wasn't cool that [Twitter] didn't allow the lab-leak theory to be talked about," Maher said. "For months, you couldn't even mention it. And that is certainly something that was open to question."

"I mean, it was like, to me, the very kind of issue that if Twitter was really doing the job it should would be a healthy forum for people to go back and forth and say, 'Well, here's why I think COVID probably came from bats because A, B and C' and then, 'Well, but you know, there was this lab in Wuhan that was studying coronaviruses and somebody could have walked out with it on their shoe,'" he continued. "'Can't we even look into that?'"


I’ve liked Maher for years. I used to watch Real Time…religiously and of course, I probably didn’t agree with 85 percent of his show. I still think Maher is funny, but he’s dead-on when it comes to ‘woke’ nonsense. PC culture, and radical Islamic terrorism. The latter issues got him banned from some college campuses. If you’re not insane, believe in free speech, and know the political correctness is trash, I’ll listen to you. I’ll back you when the left-wing mob comes for you too for being too loose with your speech. If there were two non-conservatives to follow, these would be at the top of the list. 

It’s also likely that COVID did escape from a lab, but that’s an entirely different story though one that’s been floated for months. 

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