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Michigan Office of the Governor via AP

This is a massive scandal. I know I’m being generous here after the Russian collusion hoax, but whatever crumb of credibility the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice has now been lost. The Gretchen Whitmer circus has finally come down. It’s been exposed. This case was weaponized by Democrats for the 2020 election to attack Donald Trump over an alleged kidnapping plot against Whitmer over her COVID-19 protocols. Members of a militia group were supposedly involved.


What was seen as a slam-dunk case by the Feds turned out to be an embarrassing exposure of their entrapment games that netted them zero convictions in this case. Zilch. Two men were outright found not guilty by a federal jury. The rest were deadlocked. It’s over, and if the FBI wants to rehash all their embarrassing moments in this case—be our guest. 

All the key actors were either law enforcement or FBI informants. This wasn’t a serious plot. And one of the main FBI point persons had a vested interest in making this domestic terrorism case stick for a future business venture. In essence, the FBI failed to convict anyone involved in their own plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer. What a mess (via Reason):


This is an embarrassing outcome for both the FBI—which had relied on a vast network of informants that were extensively involved in planning and even encouraging the plot—as well as Whitmer herself, who treated the plot with utter seriousness and connected it to former President Donald Trump's irresponsible rhetoric.

In reality, Whitmer was never in actual danger; "Big Dan," the ringleader of the alleged plot, contacted law enforcement early on, and the FBI paid him $54,000 to conduct six months of surveillance on a loose network of militia members who were upset with Whitmer's aggressive COVID-19 lockdown policies. When the group staked out Whitmer's house, it was Big Dan leading the effort—with the FBI's foreknowledge and encouragement.

At the same time, Big Dan's FBI handler, a man named Jayson Chambers, was attempting to start a side business as a security consultant; he thus had every incentive to construct a major domestic terrorism bust that he could take credit for foiling.

It’s time to renovate the FBI. Tear it all down to the studs and rebuild. Fire everyone. Everyone must go because no one can be trusted. There are simply too many bad people acting in bad faith and peddling heinous political agendas for this institution to be trusted. The once preeminent law enforcement and domestic intelligence agency that was the gold standard in professionalism and impartiality when it came to investigative endeavors has become the secret police for the Democratic Party. This isn’t new. The hyper-politicization of the FBI and DOJ got a massive shot of steroids under the Obama administration. There is a deep state. There is corruption within the halls of the DOJ. It all must go before trust can be rebuilt. Period. 


What a fiasco. 

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